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  1. Hey RCT. Here is a pic of another SG100 with the same neck joint. I know that the bridge has been replaced and tailpiece added. You can see where the original bridge and tray cover were.
  2. Thanks guys for adding some more info. I have found a few other instances of '71 SGs without contour/bevel. Here's a picture of another SG100 without contour. Here are some links where people mention their non-contoured SG100-200s http://thefretboard.co.uk/discussion/4093/any-gibson-sg-experts-in-neck-angle-question http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/36052-the-gibson-sg-yearbook-game/page__st__20
  3. Here's my modified sg100 I just picked up. I love it so far. I agree they are different looking, but cool in their own way.
  4. I was hoping someone can help me learn more about this SG I just picked up. From what I can tell it's a modified/custom 71-72 SG100. It's different from other SG100s I've seen because it has no contour, has a natural finish, has a humbucker, has no serial number on the neck, has a reversed control panel with a control knob instead of an input jack, the input jack is on the side, the bridge has been changed and holes filled in. It's obvious that the machine heads have been changed. I was wondering if anyone could give more info on how it would have came from the factory and how much it may be worth. Thanks.
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