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  2. Ok, Thats kind of what I was thinking. Thanks for the responses.
  3. Hello All. I have A 1976 Bicentennial Firebird that has a few nicks in the clear. One of my friends is a custom painter who suggested re-shooting the entire guitar with new finish. Repair would be for minimum cost, but I'm not sure what the protocol is. Besides the nicks, he noticed the finish is "sinking" in and the wood grain is somewhat visible. As far as value, I'm wondering what an appraiser or collector would think of a perfect finish that is not original. Everything else on the guitar is original. Anyway, informed responses are appreciated. Please, no baseless opinions as they are not helpful in this situation. I was unable to find previously posted information. Thanks.
  4. Hello All. I am foolishly thinking of selling another guitar- (I know, it's always a mistake). This one is my 1976 Firebird. As it is somewhat of a collector piece, I am wondering if there are places where people with a lot of money go to buy guitars. I saw a guitar shop online from Japan, which got me thinking that maybe there is someone who wants to pay a lot for this guitar. It really is a beautiful piece. The gold is original and looks new. The frets are almost perfect. Very few nicks and whatever. I could upload a few pics if anyone is willing to help value this bird. Besides telling me what a mistake I'm about to make, what else do you all think?
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