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  1. A friend from high school called today asking what this guitar is worth. His father bought it new after getting out of the service after the war. It really has not been played in decades but he had the amp and guitar worked on and everything works. The original tuners were replaced. He is asking me for a ballpark figure. Can anyone help? Where would he go to get this appraised? Thanks.
  2. I've got one I might consider selling. It sits in a closet most of the time. Sounds good and has all of the case candy.
  3. Hi i'm Anna.

    I аm looking for a gentle аnd SEXy mаn

    My photo hеrе https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Willie King

  4. I've got two Gibsons and no GAS. I also have several other guitars that help.
  5. Time to make the best guitars and mandolins ever!
  6. I picked up a used Blues King L-00 from 2007 in 2011. It has traveled across the country with me several times and has been a good axe. Glad to see you getting the most out of yours.
  7. I recently found a 1965 F-30 and it is real sweet. Hoboken made and solid no cracks and all tone.
  8. How much go they weigh? I have a 12 fret SJ that is just over three pounds.
  9. Not interested in electrics. Happy to have some top quality Bozeman made acoustics that I won't trade or sell.
  10. I bought the LG-1 I have now to help a friend out and fixed it up and cleaned it up and decided it was not quite the sound I was looking for. But then I put in another friend's shop for a couple of months and it just sat and no one wanted it. I had special ordered a new TKL case because the original Red Line was in pathetic shape and it was too short for the guitar and over the years the finish on the headstock got worn. Well I brought it home and played it and am taking it out to a jam tomorrow. I recorded it today and man it sounds good in a very different way than any of the cheaper ladder braced guitars I've owned over the past several decades. It has a ring to it and a cut that is way cool and different from the rich overtones of the ladder braced guitars. For slide it is real killer. I may not be selling this one afterall.
  11. I have a 1950 LG-1 for sale. PM me if you want more info. $1700 + shipping
  12. As for that new low price in the email from Sweetwater, it is $300 more than the price in their printed catalog I just got in the mail. Hmmm.
  13. All I know is that I got an email from Sweetwater with a new LOW price for a LG-2 that was $200 more than it was a few months ago. Wow.
  14. I have a 12 fret SJ from a couple of years ago that is suuuuweeet. If you like a 12 fret I am sure you would like a J-45 12 fret. Perhaps you are in trouble.
  15. Ah yes Waverly tuners are very nice, but so are Grover 18-1 stay tite tuners. I believe it is a toss up.
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