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  1. As an aside, I tellmy children that it is "My baby is a hedgehog". For those who don't know - this was also the last thing Mick Ronson played on before he passed to the other side. You owe it to yourself to check it out, if for nothing other than Ronno. P.S. It's also a mother f****r of a song x
  2. Your Father is a an exemplary man for allowing you to play them in the car. The Wildhearts are one of the greatest bands to grace the planet. I salute you both.
  3. Bought a Kempler, basically to free up space in my room (get rid of the other amps). It's amazing. Reproduces all if the touch,sag, call it what you will, of all of my other amps, and that of my friends that have been kind enough to let me drag a mic around. It really is sensational. Sadly, it has become another piece of furniture in my room. As amazing as it is, my AC30, AC15, Vox Bruno and Tweeds are beautiful things. The Kempler can't take that away. Yup. I am that shallow.
  4. Love song - Tesla Much underrated band.
  5. A song for the deaf - Queens of the stone age.
  6. Pippy, you're a chap of rare taste. G Mac - afraid not - they were only made for a few years in the early 90's... when they pop up used, they're either stupid cheap or off the charts expensive....
  7. You really can sense Justin Hawkins' love of Sparks in everything he does. More power to them. ` Never trust anybody who doesn't love one of the following - Sparks Cardiacs Tom Waits One Direction One of the above is a lie.
  8. Hey - as above, it's a Japanese guitar - most likely Aria (they tended to have the inscription about truss rod on the neck plate more than other brands - even though made in same factory as Teisco, et al) - It's not a Gibson, but that doesn't mean it can't be a cool playing, great sounding, attractive guitar - a Nissan Skyliner drives as well (or better) than any Dodge 😉 You've been left something really cool - learn to play it and enjoy it!
  9. Evening, all, I'm what might be considered an odball Gibson afficianado - the favoured Gibsons in my collection are a Music City Jr (yup, the B-bender abomination) , an SG Futura and a 50's Tribute Les Paul (just the best playing LP that I've ever owned, or played - so bite me!). My other passions guitar wise, are good Telecasters, Gretsches, Rickenbackers and... Starfields - yup, y'know - the guitars Ibanez made to appeal to a more *ahem* mature audience. Y'all will know that some of these were madein Korea, some in Japan, and some made (or finished from the better necks/bodies) in the CA Ibanez Custom shop, by some rather well respected builders.... They had some tasty endorsees - from Rob Buck (10,000 Maniacs - one of my favourite players) to Ritchie Kotzen. I have a handful of Starfields - from US Altairs, to the lesser spotted Japanese made 12 string - all absolute corkers - a build quality that I've seen rarely elsewhere (except for the Korean ones - decent players, but not the dog's bollocks in build quality), and .... here comes my bragg - I've just scored one of my holy grail Japanese Starfields (sucked boiled sweet, twin humbucker, slightly offset tele) for £249 (WITH A HISCOX CASE), from a dealer here in the UK.... for all of £249. Only problem now, is which guitar I have to pass on to one of my sons (it's the only way I can circumvent the one in, one out rule that I now have with my wife). Apologies if this post comes off as unduly smug, but I'm feeling unduly smug right now.
  10. Mine arrived a day earlier than expected. Very pleased with it - once i've sorted sharp fret ends and replaced minetune with some grovers, it'll be a gigger (not hating on minetune, but have it on my 2015 and that's enough for me).
  11. http://www.dv247.com/guitars/gibson-les-paul-50s-tribute-etune-electric-guitar-vintage-sunburst--103358 I'll just leave that there. Was too good a deal to walk away from - Santa is delivering to me on Tuesday.
  12. Afternoon! I picked up an LPM three weeks ago. Out of the case, I was pretty impressed - resonant, well finished and the setup was close enough to perfect for me. I'd initially been wary of the wider board, but once I'd played it for a while, it works really well for me (I play a lot of thumb over the fretboard and it stops my thumb dampening the A string), the g-force is being replaced with snot tulips (and put on my LP Junior which I use for slide etc, where it will have a use), the truss rod bell has been replaced with a two ply plain one and, all in all, I like it. A lot. I might swap the pickups and wiring out at some point, but for now, it's all good. EXCEPT THE NUT. The zero fret was notched and pinging after about 5 hours of play. Anything approaching a bend knocked it out of tune. The lightest vibrato - out of tune. This rendered the guitar unusable. I got onto Boris at Gibson EU(through the retailer) and on Saturday a nickel replacement came through the mail. Two minute job to swap over and I'm happy as Larry again - it's had two gigs and ten hours play on it and so far, so good. Can't fault the customer service in getting it sorted - absolutely flawless, BUT I can't believe that this slipped through the Gibson QC net in the first place - I've seen loads of people with the same problem posting elsewhere online, and I've tried a load of other 2015 models in the last couple of weeks - most of which seemed to have the same problem or early signs of it. Is Gibson using us as beta testers for their product development now? Surely they must be bracing themselves for a raft of returns, or for sending out replacement after replacement (when it would doubtless be more cost effective to get it right first time)? I can't believe that the zero fret nut wasn't adequately tested before being rolled out across a whole year's range, so what's going on? Rant over. Cheers.
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