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  1. Hi Luis, I noticed you appear to have a solution to an issue with deckdance registration. I just bought an icon idj controller as i needed a small controller for my macbook pro for my charity events as I have limited space. sadly, the ebay seller is not willing to help. How can i get deckadance registered to use this product please.



  2. Hi, Sorry, I missed your reply. Have been you able to read the private message from your home?
  3. Hi Mehtab, I have sent you a private message. Regards, Luis
  4. As Dj Phatso explained the old Image Line registration file is still working, so that, you should be able to use it. Anyway I'm going to send you a private message with a link to download an easy to use DVS installer.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see this question before. Checking the sources here, the TAP commands are: TAP_A = 494 // tap tempo (no params), get returns nothing TAP_B = 495 TAP_C = 496 TAP_D = 497
  6. Have you checked that the MIDI IN port in DD preferences is active? Could you post a screen capture of the MIDI settings screen with the KORG controller connected?
  7. Hi, I have sent you a private message.
  8. Hi Luis,

    I would like to ask how can i register deckadance v2 LE. mac

    I have the serial number from bundled esi maya

    I click register and get the crq file but i dont know what to do afterwards



  9. Which edition of DD are you using (LE, DVS, Standard)?
  10. Hello Luis,

    I saw that You are replying to people who have poblems with creating account on Cakewalk website and registering Decadance license. Could You please help me also? I want to register deckadance license (I bought Stanton t.92 USB).



  11. Hi Luis,

    I've written scripts for a Mixtrack 3 Pro which I plan to use tomorrow.

    I'm setting up a backup PC just in case, but I can't activate DD on it, invalid Cakewalk password.

    I've requested a new password but never get the Cakewalk mail and to get in touch with the support team, I must sign in first???

    Some pages "Under Construction" so probably ...

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