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  1. Big thanks to all of you guys! I can't explain why, but the more people recommend to keep the Sheraton the more I want the Casino. Maybe I'm kind of weird. Maybe it's because the Casino is brand new while the Sheraton is mine for a while now. Or it's just because I'm seeing way more red guitars than blue ones. Does it change anybody's mind, when I tell you that the Sheraton had a broken neck about a year ago? It's professionally fixed and beside that it's in very good condition.
  2. I am fortunate to own these beautiful guitars. They're both extremely well built, have great playability and an amazing sound. Apart from the fact that both are archtops, they're very different (i.e. semi hollow/full hollow, Humbucker/P90s). The point is, despite that I really would like to, I can't keep them both. It's a hard decision, but maybe you guys can help me by voting for one. Please don't take it too serious, it's also for fun.
  3. It has great playability out of the box, looks stunning and feels just right to me. I'm used to play a 50th anniversary Sheraton, that I really like, but this Casino just feels better. And the sound of the Gibson P-90's... I'm in love! Surprisingly they're a bit quieter and got more bite than the Mini Humbuckers on my Sheraton and also compared to the P-90's of my fathers standard Casino. But you still get the warm woody sound from the hollowbody construction. To me it's like the already great (standard) Casino got better in every way.
  4. Read #26 and you maybe understand why I care. It's nearly impossible to get one in Germany. Even the big dealers got only a small number, sold them in like hours and no one can tell, if they┬┤ll get more. While the majority of US dealers got them in stock this week, the whole thing went through in Germany a few weeks ago.It took me a huge effort and good connections to get mine (today)... here's a little unboxing:
  5. I've sent that question to the Gibson/Epiphone customer service. Here's the answer: "The limited edition designation means the model is made in limited numbers. The exact amount made is considered as confidential however." What's the point of making limeted editions without telling numbers?! I don't get it.
  6. As the Gary Clark Jr. Casino is a limeted edition does anybody know how many of these beauties were/will be made? In Germany they are already sold out and no dealer knows, if they'll get a bunch more.
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