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  1. Thanks again everyone! I am absolutely in love with this guitar! I've definitely be lurking around for awhile!
  2. Thank you all! I'm really enjoying the tone and playability of this bad boy!
  3. On Sunday I went into the local GC to buy a Yamaha LS16. I had played them, done research, and basically knew this was the exact guitar that I wanted! You might be asking why Guitar Center, well it is the only place close by that has the Yamahas in stock. Long story short, they had a setup at the front of the store with numerous acoustics including a J-15. The walnut back and sides were so beautiful that it immediately caught my eye and I knew that I had to see how it sounded. WOW! Such great midrange that sounded good strummed or played fingerstyle. Luckily the wife was already with me and gave me the approval since they had it marked down $250 from the normal street price. Absolutely love this guitar!
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