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  2. Ok it all makes sense why it's been so difficult to find one, they've dropped it from the core line. I've e mailed just about every place I could find online, some places will order one but Gibson won't give them a delivery date so it would be months. Rainbow guitars would've been a great shout I'm only an hour away from Carlisle but the white one isn't in stock so I suspect it'll be the same story. I have found one though so it's ok, it's just a shame I cant try a load then pick the best one. Just about every new Gibson I've ever bought has been on finance so I was looking forward to going with 4 grand in my back burner and saying bring out your customs I'll tell you when to stop. But when I can only locate 1 white custom in the entire country then I suppose that's not an option. I'm tempted to go and try out a few historics somewhere and maybe see if there's a black custom in stock to see how they compare but then it will probably just muddy the water even further.
  3. Thanks for the the replies. What I really want to know is whether Gibson puts as much care into the custom as they do with the reissues and the historics. They are a similar price point so I would hate to let my teenage heart overrule my adult brain and spend a fortune on something that is no better quality-wise than the USA traditional that I've already got. I'm almost scared to go and try any of the historics to be honest. I remember when I got my first Gibson, a 2001 sg standard I had owned an epiphone sg but once I heard and felt the difference there was no going back and I'm a little worried it'll be the same thing I'll try the historic it'll blow my traditional out the water and before I know it I'll need a white custom and a custom shop historic! The trials and tribulations of a guitar player ...
  4. When I started playing in the mid 90's the pinnacle was the Les Paul Custom, certainly it was for me and my mates. At this time none of us had heard of historic reissues, if they were being produced they definitely weren't on our radar. The object of my teenage desire was a white Gibson Les Paul custom. After many years I have finally got the money to get the Custom I've lusted after for 20 years but now it seems like the majority of the guitars coming from the custom shop are now reissues and historics, this is going to be a one off purchase I doubt I'll be spending £4000 on a guitar again so I want to make sure I'm getting my money's worth. So my question is to anyone who owns both the original custom and one of the reissues R8/R9 etc. How do they compare? Are they in the same league in terms of quality? Is it still studio, standard, custom or is it studio, standard, custom, then reissue, historic? If you could only have one which would you choose? I realise I should be trying them all and that was my intention but having spent weeks trying to find a white custom it turns out there's none that I can just go and try in fact I can only find 1 in the whole of the U.K. and it's a bit of a trek so at the moment any opinions would be really helpful. Thanks a lot for your opinions! Chris
  5. Cheers for the links, I've just ordered a couple of conversion posts for my LP. Regardless of whether an abr-1 is better or worse than a Nashville I just love the vintage look!
  6. Nice guitar! Where did you get these inserts from?
  7. I actually thought the EJ-200 came out quite well in that video, it certainly doesn't sound 10 times worse than the Gibson.
  8. It's funny I was playing about with the pole pieces last night on my LP, I've got the Dan Erlewine book and I have my SG set up like he recommends so I tried it on the LP. I can never tell if it makes any odds I'm of the opinion that if you want to hear it you will, but if there is a difference it's definitely subtle. I suppose all these subtleties are what adds to the mystique of a the instrument.
  9. Wow that's stunning! Is that nickel hardware? Looks great I'm now thinking I'll have to change my traditional to nickel. I'm one jealous Kaiser.
  10. My 2001 standard came with a cream binding which has aged nicely, it was never white though.
  11. Nice one! I've always had a thing for a Union Jack semi ever since Maine Road, congratulations!
  12. I've tried something similar to T-Cut but it didn't do anything, it must be right the way through the nitro. I'm thinking about taking it to a professional to get it repaired, it's not a big deal but I've dreamed of getting a Les Paul since I was a spotty 16 year old and it's annoying to finally get one and for it to be showing signs of wear before I've even changed the strings. Funnily enough she still sounds amazing!
  13. I probably play mostly seated yeah
  14. Thanks for all the replies. The case lining is an off white but it's never been in it since I bought the guitar in August, it's always on a stand so it can't be from the case. I use a couch strap that's made from old car seat upholstery the under side of which is a kind of faux leather but i can't see when it would've come in to contact with the horn, it's a bit of a mystery. At this stage I just want to get it cleaned up, I've seen them scraping the binding on you tube videos but that just surely remove the clear coat at the same time so I'm not up for that, maybe some fine sandpaper is the ticket unless any of you fine folk have any more suggestions? Cheers Chris
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