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  1. They both have coil splitting, but when I tried it out I couldn't tell the difference between split and not-split sounds. I may have been doing it wrong. I'm used to squier and ibanez guitars, which don't have as many knobs. ;)
  2. Thanks guys! You've helped me out a bunch. I'm thinking about going to my local Guitar Center to jam with each, and I'll let you guys know what I think. I'm not making a decision yet, but when I finally do I'll post pics. Please excuse my n00bishness. What's neck dive? I didn't really listen for the sound difference. I'll keep an ear out next time I jam. Yeah, they're both solid-body.
  3. Thanks for the help guys! I know I gotta choose one based on what feels right...but the Les Paul just looks so cool! Even if the SG feels nicer. Guess I'll have to visit my local Guitar Center sometime and figure this out.
  4. I realize I'm opening up a can of worms here, and I accept that I'm going to buy an epiphone sometime soon and I'm torn between the G-400 Pro and the Les Paul PlusTop Pro. (sorry for the enormous picture, i couldn't figure out how to shrink it) I love the colors of the Les Paul (especially the trans-blue), but the SG was a little easier to play. However, for some reason I had a hard time getting the right sounds while palm muting with the SG. I know guitar playing is very personal, and each guitar feels different for each player. My question is: Do the incredible looks of the Les
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this :P Some people might not remove them so they don't get that sticky residue when the sticker doesn't peal right off, which looks worse than the sticker itself.
  6. Well, I've never played either of those. But since you don't want us to take it seriously, I'd say the Casino. I like the paint job :) Please excuse my n00bishness :P
  7. howzit from hawaii @darkness99!

  8. Thanks! That helped a lot! Quick question, though. What about the plus top? What makes it "plus"?
  9. So, scrolling through guitarcenter.com's epiphone Les Paul's, I saw so many different names for similar looking guitars. So, what's the difference between: -Les Paul Standard Plain Top -Limited Edition Les Paul Custom PRO -Limited Edition Les Paul Quilt Top PRO -Limited Edition Les Paul PlusTop PRO -Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO I'm assuming the difference is the hardware. If this is the case, could one of you explain them in layman's terms to the best of your ability? Thanks guys! -DARRKNESS99
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