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  1. For my 345 & 339, Fender Princeton '65 RI gets some use, but my Victoria 518 & 5112 just can't be beaten. To be honest, any guitar sound fantastic through this pair.
  2. Have a look at these 2: http://guitarvillage.uk.com/product/viewall/16396/Gibson-1964-ES345-TDC-Figured-ES4564F15SCGH1-New-Sixties-Cherry-Incl-Case-and-COA.aspx http://guitarvillage.uk.com/product/viewall/15250/Gibson-1959-ES345-TD-ES45H14HBGH1-New-Historic-Burst-Incl-Case-and-COA.aspx Plus, try a bit of haggling, the worst that can happen is they say no. I have the same 345 that is shown in Cody78 link, got a pretty good discount by asking. Paul
  3. DR Pure Blues 10-52 on my Gibson 339 & 345 D'Addario NYXL 10-46 on G&L & Fender
  4. The ISF feature of the Blackstar will give various voicing from US to UK style, its a great little practice amp. If your after vintage tweed, you can't go wrong with Victoria 518 or 5112 (both 5W). The 5112 is my goto amp
  5. TC Electronic Nova Delay. I like the ability to dial in the delay time.
  6. Alais 345

    NGD 345

    Hi All My First post & my first Gibson. Unfortunately the photos do not do the quilted maple top justice. She's a beautiful lady; sounds & plays magical. In fact Im finding it hard putting her down!! Thanks
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