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  1. Not even a Stromberg Master 400 or D'Angelico New Yorker? I think I'm on the safe side anyway. Epiphone producing guitars with the Gibson geadstock and logo would defeat the purpose of heaving the Epiphone brand name.
  2. The new ones also have the short 24 3/4 inch scale length. the vintage ones had the full L5 style 25 1/2 inch scale.
  3. I probably won't be buying it now; I've taken my Gibson Super 400 on some pub gigs now and it's made it back in one piece. My hypothesis was based on the fact that they are the only oriental manufacturers who have at one point made 18 inch wide guitars, namely, the D'Angelico NYL-2. Who know's? they could be made after hours. It would be interesting to find out where they are actually produced. I'll shoot myself in the food if it's the Epiphone factory in China.
  4. The pickguards are exactly the same shape and size. the pickguard on my advanced jumbo has lifted in the corner due to recent weather, and having some money to gamble with, I bought a tortoiseshell pattern pickguard advertised as being for an L-00. It is exactly the same shape and size and I will be putting it on sometime this week.
  5. The Epiphone AJ 45, unlike other Epiphone made AJ models, did actually have the same scale as the Gibson J-45. The 1963 id jusdt part of the name - meaning that it is a copy of a 1963 Gibson J 45. se how the listing states "made in China"? in 1963 all Epiphones were made in the Gibson plant, They are current production models, albeit from the Epiphone Custom Shop, and therefore the quality standard is higher than the standard Epiphones.
  6. I started this thread, knowing that the guitar was fake, but not knowing for certain that the pictures were fake. Early on I suspected that they (the pictures) were fake (pickguard, tailpiece, pickup selector are the biggest giveaways). Just wanted an opinnion on the guitar's quality etc. I suspect that it made in the terada factory; they are the only Asian guitar factory that has produced 18 inch guitars in recent years (namely the D'Angelico NYL-4)
  7. Yeah I've figured its fake because: the pickguard is the wrong size the pickup selector switch is the wrong colour the tailpiece isn't engraved APart from those, the guitar is quite accurate. The Gibson Super 400 has always had a large headstock like the pictures. I dont need pictures to compare; I've got the real MacCoy right infront of me. when I stated this thread I just wanted some other opinions on the giutar to make certain that the pictures wern't real and I was risking buying something that looks nothing like the real one. But now I've deduced that the pictures ARE of a fake guita
  8. Yeah. My main concern when I first found it was that the pictures were of a real super 400. But now I have found enough things to conclude that the pictures are of a fake guitar that, to be fair, looks decent and is probably the words most affordable 18 inch archtop. Besides, it's not technically illegal to buy because the seller clearly states that it is a replica.
  9. I suppose I'll just risk damaging at a gig my belovid (real) Gibson Super 400 rather than buy a fake.
  10. I realise that it is made in China (check the website URL?); I already own a Super 400 (with SD Phat Staples) but it is getting increasingly risky to take it on a gig. If the guitar on the webpage is actually the one on the photos, and they are NOT photos of a real one, then it looks very convincing. I am convinced that the photo's are of a fake and if you bought it you would actually get what is in the picture. A real Super 400 has an engraved tailpiece. So if anyone has a spare 500 lying around buy it for me and I'll repay you sometime in the future.
  11. I vote the Junior. the Melody Maker is just an even more budget version of the Junior. The Melody Maker is 33 mm thick versus the Junior's 44 mm. The Junior has the full Gibson headstock while the melody maker doesn't have the wings on the headstock.
  12. Your point? anyone with a small mirror could easily discern what type of bracing as guitar has without knowing the model name.
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