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  1. Congrats on the new Coupe. I got mine a few months ago, and changed out the tuners to Grover Deluxe Vintage. Much better tuners. I don't find my pickups to be muddy at all. I play in our church worship band, through a line 6 pro....whatever it's called, and through the PA. No feedback problems but they keep a lease on me. The weight was what surprised me. I knew it would be light, but 5.5 lbs. is great on my old back. The strat and tele are hanging on the wall.
  2. The Grovers are working great. Keepers. Played Sunday, tuned once and then a couple of strings later on.
  3. I like these Grovers. I tuned once in the beginning of practice and didn't have to again. Hour and a half. These tuners just seem to feel better, stronger. Nice and smooth too.
  4. I have practice tonight so that will be a good test.
  5. Alright! The Grover tuners arrived today. Grover Deluxe Vintage #133N...drop in replacements for the stock tuners. They fit perfectly. Used the existing ferrules. One thing, they are for sure vintage styled with the slot and hole in the middle. Tuners installed, restrung carefully, strings stretched, I'll see how it goes this week. Thanks for all your comments and advice.
  6. Ken, I wish my tuners were stiffer. And, I too love this guitar.
  7. Thanks Steve, I'm hoping they just drop in. I was unsure how to take out the bushings if needed but that video will do the trick. I'll make sure to post what happens.
  8. I'm surprised by these tuners also, Steve. I wrap them pretty good but it's possible. I really don't think it's the nut or saddles, but again, it's possible. And, I really didn't want to have to enlarge the holes...how hard is it to get the existing bushings out on average? I bought the Grovers from Sweetwater, and they get here Tuesday. I'll know then.
  9. Hey hollowdan, no bigsby. It's a drag when you have to stop and tune in the middle of a song.
  10. Thanks Steve. No name tuners, but they look like the Grovers and Gotoh vintage style. These stock tuners slip and don't keep the strings in tune. I play at church on Sundays...one day, my low E string was almost an octave off. I thought someone was turning the knob. Then, the G string did it.
  11. I've had the Casino Coupe for a few months now, and love the stock pickups. It surely is a different beast though as mentioned earlier. The weight of mine is 5.5 lbs. and it's great for my poor old back.
  12. I've used graphite on the nut, and I've intonated. Had to turn 3 saddles around to make it work. I'll try the nut filing (gently of course) Nice forum, thank you!
  13. Thanks again. I was hoping there were the same as the full size model, but nobody will tell me that. I play this guitar at church on Sundays so I'll have to wait now to take a tuner off and measure it. I was trying to think of what you use to do these measurements. Calipers, that's it.
  14. Thanks. I also contacted Stewmac. They said they didn't know because they have nothing to cross reference to. I did just hear back from Sweetwater, and they have a set of Grovers, and not sure they will fit. Guitar just too new?
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