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  1. Now that is a guitar with serious mojo. I'm looking at a recent vintage L00 for my next purchase. Have considered buying something a lot older though, but haven't found one that fills in all the right checkmarks yet.
  2. Try Martin Monels. They seem to last a long time and I've never seen one corrode yet. Plus, they sound friggin' fantastic on everything.
  3. I just bought this earlier this week. Gets here Monday. I borrowed the picture from the seller (hope he doesn't mind). This will be my 4th songwriter and it's a 2011 custom shop with ebony fretboard. The 2009-2011 custom shop and standards of this model are my favorites and I wish they would start making them again. The studios are great, but the higher end models they produced from 09-13 (09-11 especially) were spectacular. Glad to have one again.
  4. My R8 is .93 at the 1st and 1.05 at the 12th. Pretty chunky. Love it. I had another one that was too slender. It was .85 and .98.
  5. This is very smart of Gibson. Taylor has been wiping the floor with them in the last few years by building cozy relationships with anyone who wanted to sell their guitars. I watched Gibson's presence in guitar stores dwindle down to the point where I had to go further and further to find them, to the point where they were only available at Guitar Centers, and even then many of those would only have a J-15, a J-45 and a few electrics and no custom shop gear. So yeah, glad to see that trend reversing.
  6. Get the R9. It's cooler and will retain more of its value than the custom standard. People buying guitars usually know what an R9 is. You will have trouble describing any other type of custom other than an actual Custom (like a Black Beauty). The R9 is made to vintage specs and I've not played a bad sounding one yet. The "other" customs have been hit and miss in my experience. I own two reissues myself and I don't even look at standards, traditionally, classics, etc. anymore because none of them sound as good as those in the R2-R0 range.
  7. You shouldn't worry about it. I think from that year it was just a 8.5x11 typed piece of paper anyway. Given that these can be easily faked, I think they are only worth the paper they are printed on.
  8. An R8 is something special and the perfect way to get into a real Gibson guitar. I have one too, although mine is a plain top. The problem I have now is I'd like to add to my collection of electrics but nothing else is as good (that I've played).
  9. Not exactly original; kind of like Spencers here in the USA. But hey, I like some of that stuff and wish them well. EFF the PC police!
  10. If it was a squatch that came to my place, what do you think he wanted? I don't have any beer around. I'm also out of beef sticks. Maybe he was lost.
  11. I want another J-45 at some point. I played a really good 2018 model a couple days ago: had all that warmth in the mids and trebles, and deep lows that didn't lose character across the bass strings (often I find J-45s where the E and A strings, when blended, get muddy). Even though J-45s with that wide/deep lower bout hurt my right shoulder, I think I'd still like to have one around even if I only play a song or two every now and then. The one I played was too expensive, would've been 3k with taxes and the shop wasn't in a dealing mood that day. Oh well. Some day.
  12. I live in a rural area and when the sun goes down and there's no moon, it's as black as the deep emptiness of outer space. On those nights we often hear things. But once we heard something truly... weird. One evening my son's friend, (we'll call him Jack to protect his identity) walked out onto the back deck on the way to his car. It was just him and I as my son was lagging, probably had to go to the bathroom for the 40th time that day. Right as we get to the end of the deck we hear heavy foot falls that started at one of my trees and faded away into the uninhabited area that borders our land. Jack says, "was that a deer?" I said, "if that was a deer it was running on only two legs and weighed 500 pounds." Several days later I scared several deer away and heard them run. Completely different sound. Not nearly as heavy and deer have distinctive four-legged foot falls. The next week Jack came over again and we got on the subject of that noise again. My son said it was a Bigfoot. I just raised my eyebrows and offered no contradiction to his theory. I mean, what else would run on two feet and sound like it weight as much as The Rock carrying Mike Tyson on his shoulders? And it was fast. It got 70 yards in what seemed like way too few steps to have been a human. I haven't heard it ever again. I hear deer and coyotes and owls though. I shoulda looked for tracks. Didn't think of it until much too late.
  13. Too much Richlite showing up on the 2018 stuff. Stick with 2017 or 2016. There's lots of good stuff still around from prior years. Someone is selling a 2011 Hummingbird on AGF that looks pretty nice. I'd buy it if HBs weren't so hard on my shoulder.
  14. Yup, except don't call it the Sheryl Crow. I HATE guitars with someone's name on it. It's my guitar dammit, if anyone's name's gonna be on it I'll burn mine on there.
  15. The OP's guitar probably didn't have a cracked nut. I see Gibsons all the time with a line on the nut that looks like a crack. Upon further inspection you will find it's simply a line where the builder applied tape to mask off areas so they wouldn't get lacquer on them, and this leaves a line. Not all Gibsons end up with the line, just the ones sprayed by whomever it is at Gibson that masks them up this way. My R8 has a line on both sides that you'd think was a crack until you looked at it under a magnifying glass. My R0 has a line on just one side. The OP's guitar was probably just fine the first time. New Gibsons take a bit of time to settle down and stay in stable tuning, and Standards often seem to have tight nut slots which could do with a bit of widening to keep the strings from binding. A few months of heavy use seems to settle this all out regardless.
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