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  1. So sad. Neverthless; They enjoyed that, and so did I.
  2. Good you found a solution. Still puzzling though.
  3. I tried a couple of the decode serial sites. They didnt recognise it. Try Gibson direct.
  4. No, not normal; but not altogether uncommon. Its sounds like a ground issue.
  5. Good luck. I prefer the look of an SG over an LP (but I have an LP & no SG - yes strange). Weight relief is another consideration if you need 'light'.
  6. A break can help refresh the sound yes. It can also help personal playing. If I've been away and unable to practice/play sometimes my playing can 'open up' and become more fluid on return. I think it may be because the break can break you out of the track of recent muscle memory.
  7. See if there is an unsubscribe button on the e-mail.
  8. I dont know for certain, but I suspect its not especially effective. I'm not sure if my Gibson have cryogenically treated frets or not, but the brass nut on the LP was described as such, and Gibson replaced most of them retrospectively because they did wear very quickly. Most metal treatments are heat processes (stress relief, annealing etc). Cryogenics are a freeze process. Not something I'm up on.
  9. Is it really? I just checked it again. Hey, you must really know your stuff.
  10. commiserations RM. That must sting. But how is the guitar anyway?
  11. I thought this was another old ressurected thread when I saw you. But no. Its today and you're all fired up about Mayer. I'm gonna start a thread up next month praising Bono's terrific vocal and visual style.
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