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  1. Spike Milligan said that if boobs grew on him, he'd go to the movies by himself.
  2. Hi Marco, Firstly I'm no expert. Secondly, this forum is for users and few (if any) Gibson staff will read stuff here. I just found this https://www.vintageguitarandbass.com/gibson/Les_Paul_Deluxe.php which places the earliest LP Deluxe at 1969. So if your guitar is from 1963, is it a deluxe? If it is a deluxe, maybe its not a 63. BTW, I've not seen a 5 piece Gibson headstock before. More photos might help.
  3. What I meant is I would join in the defence, but not to the death.
  4. No, it likely still on all of them . I think I've had film on other brands. Hard to remember because the first thing I do with new guitars is remove the pickguard. Only my Hofner has retained its pickguard, and thats only because it holds the pickup in place.
  5. Nice going KS Daddy. I'm over smokes now, but for several years I could, at a weak moment (like a few too many beers) have easily gone back. As youngsters we bristle with over confidence. The older we get, the more we appreciate what we've salvaged of our health. I met with friends today. We have all now lived beyond the age our parents did, and feel privileged about that.
  6. I would support that with a strong objection.
  7. You've just had your heart revoked that's all. Since they are anonymous, PM me when you like something & I'll like it for you.
  8. Good. I can peel them away alright but little plastic bits get left under the screws (yes I know, remove the screws). Looks like you need that pickguard there Mike. You must be one energetic player!
  9. Looks like your picking style has started to raise it in the middle anyway. If you have not yet tried Fish Crumpets solution, you might find a sewing needle is enough to lift it there.
  10. If the music doesn't reach you, the skill involved to produce it becomes irrelevant.
  11. Ok, but the guitar is now a moving target. The player is the constant. Get Taylor to play a $400 guitar and then a $4,000 one to hear the difference.
  12. The songs I look forward to are also the ones where I have not only a solo, but can have something to say about it. I never play anything 'as per record', so solos are always the way I want to do them. All the same, there are a bunch of songs that I have little enthusiasm for. But a few songs have the structure that inspires and frees me up. 'Move on Up' is one. 'Hard to Handle' another. Always high spots for me.
  13. On a bass maybe. But a regular 6 string? Not in my experience (which is 51 year so far). If you have a clean signal properly EQd (treble at middle or higher) you should hear it. An artificial fingerboard can sound 'tinny' acoustically (richlite, resinator etc).
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