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  1. Good job. Proper workbench. Very satisfying I bet.
  2. I think think this zombie managed to eat a bit of my brain.
  3. Yep. Its working title was 'will it be'. Pauls beard & Ringo's tach were added later. I cant help feel a bit envious of the silly fun they could still have as a group. Yes it was changing then, and there were unpleasant things going on too, but fun was certainly being had despite all that.
  4. Gibson studios are just great. They're like a blue collar working man's guitar.
  5. Here (uk)? Yes I think so. They were supposed to reopen in May. George Martin is the only grown up in that film; and even he looked young.
  6. Fender is the tart of guitar builders (make 'em anywhere & everywhere at every price).
  7. thats the 2nd Peter Jackson peek I've seen. Yes it looks good. I cant abide cinemas since popcorn was imported into the uk. 360 degree surround sound of munching is intolerable. So will have to wait for DVD or streaming.
  8. Congrats on that Studio. Love the colour.
  9. Almost certainly not. Have a read of this. https://www.gibson.com/Support/Serial-Number-Search
  10. I read that London Plane is similar to maple & is used in veneers. So it looks good. Is it heavy as well?
  11. the ukulele is the guitar of economists
  12. Give all 85 to Pete Townsend. He'll make short work of 'em.
  13. Hi, The bridge needs to only as high as necessary to have the action correct (or your preference). This should be done after any truss rod adjustment. If you don't need any adjustment then fine. I'm a Hagstrom user too (Deuce), and I think it compares well to Les Pauls (I dont own a SG). Of course the Gibson fingerboards are not as flat, wide or firm. They are more elegant and easy in feel though. But 58 classics sound even more Gibson than 57 classics to my ears.
  14. It great to see the rekindled interest & enthusiasm again Rabs. Have you been able to store the woods at the workshop? If not, have you been able to cure it at home?
  15. Corruption exists at all levels and its everywhere. Someone I used to know was busted for weed. When his case came up & the weed was presented in evidence it was only a small portion of what was confiscated. Did he mention this in court? Of course not. Some admins talk the talk. A company I worked for insisted that anyone could report misconduct and should not worry about repercussions because there was zero tolerance of this. In practice? That's impossible. If you report your manager for accepting gratuities, how are you going to prove he denied your promotion out of spite? Neve
  16. for fux sake 🥱 find another hobby
  17. Glad they were nabbed. Good job by the customs & border control bods.
  18. Well never had Covid, but shingles? Yes. I agree its nasty; horrible even. As for the un-vaccinated, I think it just comes down to the numbers.
  19. You are unlikely to get it again, but it can happen. https://lloydspharmacy.com/blogs/coronavirus/can-you-catch-covid-19-twice I'm not saying this to dispute, just provide the info.
  20. That helps with security. Only women can pinch your guitar.
  21. No. I'm selling my old house which has just been vacated by my son & his fiance. I lived there until 17 years ago when I moved back to the family home to care for my mother. I stayed after she passed. So this will help top up my pension fund. Good: Have just accepted an offer for it. Not so good: I'm gonna get hit with capital gains tax.
  22. I have a couple of good offers for my house. One of them will be accepted. Solicitor engaged today. Its all systems go...
  23. Probably its a rep thing. Maybe thought it was about time but didn't find anything. Then reasoned; 'phuk it, we'll take one down anyway'.
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