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  1. Yes. Ultimately a fear of losing money πŸ™‚.
  2. me too. Didnt quite work out that way... Rip It Up - 28 Days
  3. There are always some unpleasant characters to be found anywhere. Bigots, or those with social 'problems'. My view is that you cant tell who or what a person is by assessing their adherence to 'Political Correctness'. I worked in a factory for most of my career. 13 of those years on the shop floor. Even later I still worked closely with the workshops. There was no PC there. None at all. I knew many of the people well and they were in the main decent responsible people. Ordinary folk with families who 'gave a sh1t'. The sense of humour was completely irreverent though. The kind of thing that John Cruz posted was the sort of fare we would see every day of the working week. It was an outlet. It didn't taint or corrupt in any way. I have no idea what sort of fellow John Cruz is. But the resultant sh1tstorm around him this year was more about Fender's PC, public relations, corporate profile and fearfulness than it was about Cruz's lack of savvy or discretion. That's what it looks like from here anyway.
  4. They look like spring chickens to me
  5. I grabbed that still from his video. I don't know a bunch of those. Just counted. 8 to be exact. Good job I am comfortable with my ignorance. It's an age thing.
  6. Good luck. Hope it works out. I like my 339.
  7. To come across in a live performance, it ought to be mounted back on the pole 1st.
  8. He made a mistake. Anyone can do that. I wish him well.
  9. Superb, I love it! The headstock is like an oak leaf and the body is an avocado. Brilliant design. 😍 πŸ‘
  10. He's recently given up basketball, and is now saving up for a proper bass.
  11. I've used neck pickups exclusively for years. That's changing though. It used to be that I set up my rig for the neck pickup, and gigged that way all the time. At home I didn't bother to plug in when practicing so it didn't matter. Especially now, with no gigs and no other outlet to play, I've been using the THR30 home amp I got this year and enjoying all sorts of tones other than my preferred ones. Yes, and using the bridge PUs too. I've even ventured a little more into higher gain (strange territory for me). Also, with that amp, everything is noiseless. I've been enjoying the he11 out of it.
  12. Presumably you have a main guitar already right? One that this might replace? Or are you cycling through a collection of valuable instruments?
  13. Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  14. A couple of things I always wondered about: The log (without the wings) would be awkward to hold in a playing position. The wings allow it to sit on the knee (bout saddle point) and the upper arm to prevent it falling forward. They make it ergonomic. Adding the wings, also adds acoustic chambering. Rather like a semi hollowbody.
  15. The important thing here is that the mods you want to make are not irreversible. If needed you (or next owner) could restore to its original condition. So best to keep the old pickups for that reason. Go for it πŸ™‚
  16. A very interesting take on the history. Obviously it conflicts with most (well nearly all) sources, but it’s as well to take on board. First solid body guitar though? Well, not even they believe that about Β½ hr in. Sounds great though. So resonant.
  17. I've never had any cause for complaint about Grovers (or Klusons). Nice choice of guitar! Dont forget to post pics when the 335 arrives.
  18. Alright, I've modified the old redundant Esprit bridge. I've changed the string spread from 52 to 48 (2.0" to 1.9"). This has been the first time I have used my nut files. I never thought I'd be using them for something like this though. That bridge is now on the TC 90 and yes its solved the problem but I'm now trying to see whether I can get used to the new reduced string spread. It does feel a bit weird, but so far ok.
  19. Always been fascinated by the Wilshire. Its a 'under the radar' classic. Very fine!
  20. 13 electrics and 3 amps. One main gigging amp. A small 'acoustic' amp and a 'home' only amp.
  21. No problem unc. I certainly do like real estate either side of the strings. To me its vital playing surface. Too little and I have a tendency to push those E strings right off the fingerboard. That would ruin any solo of course. Many people dont have this problem, so I'm owning up to clumsy technique here, but I cant change after 50 years of playing. The only options to deal with this for the TC-90 are as follows: 1/ fit a brass riser (raising the strings up) over the nut and use the guitar for slide exclusively. https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images2/360/0812/06/extension-nut-riser-slide-guitar_360_c1d874b1fc6d9032e318d81beef3f0da.jpg 2/ Fit heavier gauge strings such as 13-56 flatwounds and use the guitar as more of a jazz instrument. I wouldn't be able to push those strings off, nor do any string bends at all. 3/ Reduce the string spread overall by getting some blank saddles and cut string notches closer together. I have it in mind to modify an old bridge (of exactly the same design) by filing the saddle tops to remove the grooves and cut new ones. It might be that the strings would then be too close? But its an old redundant bridge, so I have nothing to lose and its a experiment worth doing.
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