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  1. Studios often dont have pickguards or 4 knobs (nor white binding for some reason). I dont see and MADE IN USA impression under the serial number. The serial number is also inked (or painted). Is that normal?
  2. Yes it does hang differently and its more comfortable. I have a ES-339 with the pin at the heel which is not my preference. Its ok & I certainly would drill another hole into it. I just need to tilt the body back a little when standing to play.
  3. Things are looking up. I hope it continues. 👍
  4. Misprinted / misread number or suspected fake guitar?
  5. Interesting question (I dont know). I suspect the reason for the heel position pin is the hollowbody nature of the guitar itself. I have a (non Gibson) hollowbody with the strap pin on the upper bout. When I changed the pin to a locking type, I had trouble getting the thing secure. There was just not enough wood to hold the screw properly. I overcame the problem with glue and small slivers of wood (similar to the matchstick method).
  6. That is a real shame. The system obviously needs to be supported. What version do you have? Have you tried looking on e-bay and the domestic (USA / UK / AUS etc) re-sale markets?
  7. I bet if I had it, I'd sound every bit as unlike PG as he does.
  8. You mean that as a compliment Bill, but I really dislike that word.
  9. I've never seen JP play that way before, and yes, I have seen him. Thanks for sharing 👍
  10. These are the better looking teles IMO. The natural and pearloid PG is a good combination too. Nice!
  11. I have heard of ghost builds but even the 'insider knowledge' such as you have quoted is still no more than hearsay. It remains hearsay until you have some provenance to substantiate such claims. If the seller/dealer can supply this then you have something to talk about. Otherwise its just another guitar with another price tag on it. You can always take the serial number and ask Gibson about it. They will likely be able to confirm the model, year of manufacture etc. at least. its what I would do.
  12. You cant please everybody. As well as Gibson haters there are snobs who will look down on Epiphones. So don't concern yourself with the predilections of others. You know you made the right choice. If you really feel you need to justify this choice to others, just tell the truth. The Gibson has enabled you to express your musicality better than the Epi did. Nobody can argue with that. Enjoy your 335.
  13. remarkable... I can even hear the bass riff as clear as day
  14. very fine guitar. I always wanted one since hearing Michael Chapman in the 70s. Congrats 🙂
  15. The Current 339 is using the Rounded "C" shape (I don't know how that differs from Trad "C"?) https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/MEMIF86/ES-339-GLOSS FWIW, my 2015 339 Studio has the Traditional "C" shape. I don't like full thick necks. I like the Trad C and find it pleasant to use. Good luck.
  16. The pic of the removed Bigsby shows it with a gaffa tape appendage. The signature guitar doesn't have this 😉
  17. Guitarists used to be rich
  18. I doubt the serial number would help in isolation (except for Gibson staff). Most of all, Photos would help. Does it have a date stamp on the back of the headstock? What model is it? The 2015s had the widest neck. The subsequent 2016-> HP and Moderne had wider also.
  19. The SE range is worth a look. I have no idea what the Indonesian and Chinese ones are like (other than hearsay: which is positive), but the MIKs are not only excellent, but IMHO better than the Core USA range. However, they are the more expensive of the SEs. I have both a MIK SE Custom24 and a (Core produced) USA CE24. The USA model is fine, but it will not set up as finely as the MIK, nor does it sound quite as good (same pickup design 85/15s but the MIK has the cheaper 'S' Asian versions). That could be down to ordinary stock variation. However, all others I have played since, have generally followed the same trend. Its taken me a couple of years to finally admit this, and though I'm in the minority, I'm not alone in coming to this conclusion.
  20. Snap! It wasn't long ago either. I was 'chastised' right here for admitting I'd never played a Tele and saying how ugly I found them. I tried out a American Elite Thinline, and adored the tone. Only problem was string spacing (usual Fender thing); cant play 'em! So I now have a MIJ 'copy'.
  21. They have their place. I have USA and MIK ones. Neither sound like a Gibson. I prefer the MIK of the two. In fact, IMO Korea produce better builds than the America Core line. I have Gibsons for a Gibson sound and a Gibson playing experience. There is plenty of room for all sorts of guitar makers. Diversity enriches us. One more thing. No way would this discussion go unpunished on the official PRS forums. Its a police state over there! Thank you for your enlightened attitude Gibson.
  22. I too use Elixirs a lot; but only because I dont like changing strings a lot. The coating does slightly mar the tones I think. Best tones for me are EB Paradigms but they are expensive! Thanks for the review of Gibson strings though. I'm likely to try some out myself I think. 👍
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