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  1. Bingo! 'we can go on together, Mrs Fishers mine'
  2. There are many. One that I mistook was 'Love Wars'. For a long time I thought they sang 'Cowboy'. No? Listen to it again. Does anyone know what Elvis song I'm referring to? I call it 'Mrs. Fisher's Mine'.
  3. The same doesn't hold true for the ES-339 though 🙂
  4. How were you doing this? Pressing too hard between frets?
  5. Curious stuff. I have never played a guitar with nibs, though my concern has always been IAW the OP. I had no idea the Midtown neck was made this way. If this was mine I would try to work with it, but stay aware of the 'return window'.
  6. Really?! Your ears must be as sharp as a bats. I could never hear that.
  7. Interesting looking guitar. Never come across these before. Well done on that score. Hope your son appreciates them too.
  8. I surprised Dexys is known at all in the US. They are not a one hit wonders in the uk though. They had two no. 1s and four top 10s. My band still have 3 of their songs in our set list; not including Come On Eileen
  9. According to the Barron Knights, George would have been 'down a hole'. John wold be shifting coal, Paul in Liverpool and Ringo on the dole. You cannot separate anything from its period. There could be no Beatles today.
  10. I see wood grain in your pics. Nothing else.
  11. Beyond what you've said I'm not sure what else you need to know. Though I have no idea about the R1 notion. There are indeed a bunch of pics, videos, reviews etc on this guitar all over online. I assume you've checked these out?
  12. Prince Charles, explaining his self harming to Camilla. "One hit one, dear!"
  13. Nice. Sometimes you just need a guitar break 🎸
  14. I've just learned that Ric pins are designed to work with Schallers. So the Grover pins must be identical to Schallers, but the caps that attach to the straps will be different.
  15. This is another fine mess you've gotten me into! The two on the left. They and the Levys are the most comfy ones.
  16. Where does the time go? If you have the patience and the belly for it, read on. I only wanted a couple of new straps. (Big Bill: Williams & Walker July 6) Ordered two from the US. They arrived. Very nice. So far so good. Really need strap locks for these, so decided to try some Grover ones from StewMac. If good, I’d buy another set. The Grovers arrived but thread OD was way too big for the W & W strap holes. So should I cut into the new leather straps? No. I put the Grovers to one side and try a Daddario set I have for size. They fit fine, so I order two more sets of those. Once I receive the Daddario locks, I try to fit them to the Ric 650. I get a surprise. The Ric pins are ‘one piece’ integral types with studding. They are bolts, not screws. The thread OD is massive and the Daddario screws go in without touching the sides (yep, a pr1ck in a bowler hat). I have many different screws but none of the right diameter has a large enough thread. So should I fill the Ric holes and recut? No. I put the Ric to one side and find another guitar to use instead. I’ll use the Les Paul. I remove the LP pins to find the tail end screw much larger than the forward end screw. Odd, but no matter. It came from Gibson that way - I opened the box myself. I fit the Daddarios to the Gibson. The straps attach to the forward pin fine, but will not lock on to the tail pin. Why? I try all 3 sets with the same result. Could that one pin be made out of tolerance? I check the size but it seems fine. Then I notice that the tail screw is slightly domed and sits higher inside the pin than the other one. I remove the domed screw and file most of the dome off. It now fits and locks ok. The next guitar is the Squier Esprit. Both of these screws are domed and they also will not lock (BTW, the Daddario screws are smaller than all these guitar screws). So I file those screws into flatheads also. With the new pins and felt in place, the fit is not as good as it was. Partly because the screws are not penetrating so far and partly because there are weight relief cavities where the screws go. So I will need to figure this out later. Probably do the matchstick thing?! Meanwhile I have the unused Grover locks. I find a strap to fit these. It’s a 25 year old Levy that’s still in good shape. I fit the Grovers to the Fingerbone Strat. Works fine. Now I still haven’t suited the Ric yet. I notice the Ric pins look like the Grovers. They measure up exactly the same. So the Levy strap can now be used securely on the Ric too. It’s not quite what I had in mind and still not over. The Squier still needs sorting. I only wanted a couple of new straps & locks. Should have been a 5 minute job… and that's where the time goes.
  17. I have played a couple of Kingpins and been very impressed. That was a sensible deal. One out, one in. I have been considering doing just the same. I've identified a couple of guitars that I could part with. Its a devilishly handsome fiddle you got there Mr. S. Better looking than any Tele IMO.
  18. An untapped market! The vegan guitar (I would rather have a zero-veg guitar myself). BTW, I just read a report that states that hide glue has no cold creep. I'm not sure if its true or even possible.
  19. Not even the first responder complied! 😄 Actually you got a much better hit rate than I expected. 1/ Andres Segovia As a young boy in the 60s, I heard this wonderful music on TV. I didn't understand it, but loved it anyway. Those early impressions are still with me and they inform my playing in small way too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFnJ1APJREk 2/ Jerry Garcia The finest musical experiences I've ever had were at Grateful Dead concerts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q42PtuXslI
  20. As much as I enjoy it here, I wouldn't wanna be sat in on a committee with you fellers! 😜 One thing is certain, if any one artist was identified as Greatest of all time, it would disappoint more people than it would please.
  21. Well I am now confused. I must have been using P90s with the wrong rig, because that sounds super excellent. Better than those HBs most of the time, and where it counts too. I'm going to have to rethink P90s again. They can sound good on solidbodies. I also had turned away form black guitars. So why does that one work? I'm sure its the gold trim that sells it. The satin finish also makes a big difference. Really good choices there BD.
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