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  1. Good luck. I prefer the look of an SG over an LP (but I have an LP & no SG - yes strange). Weight relief is another consideration if you need 'light'.
  2. A break can help refresh the sound yes. It can also help personal playing. If I've been away and unable to practice/play sometimes my playing can 'open up' and become more fluid on return. I think it may be because the break can break you out of the track of recent muscle memory.
  3. See if there is an unsubscribe button on the e-mail.
  4. I dont know for certain, but I suspect its not especially effective. I'm not sure if my Gibson have cryogenically treated frets or not, but the brass nut on the LP was described as such, and Gibson replaced most of them retrospectively because they did wear very quickly. Most metal treatments are heat processes (stress relief, annealing etc). Cryogenics are a freeze process. Not something I'm up on.
  5. Is it really? I just checked it again. Hey, you must really know your stuff.
  6. commiserations RM. That must sting. But how is the guitar anyway?
  7. I thought this was another old ressurected thread when I saw you. But no. Its today and you're all fired up about Mayer. I'm gonna start a thread up next month praising Bono's terrific vocal and visual style.
  8. I like both of 'em, but they're semi-hollowbodies rather than hollowbody. Besides which I already use a 339 which is similar to the 336. I will be in Hove for a while next month. There are a bunch of stores there including Badlands which I have wanted to visit for ages, so maybe I'll find something.
  9. Cant make a specific recommendation but the thicker necks obviously need a looser fit capo. Cant you just take it to a music store & try some out?
  10. I agree with the others here. A general clean up is all you really need. Area between pickups: Sanding will get under the finish & will look wrong. Filler will likely adversely affect value. I cant see the pick damage in the photo, so it cant be that bad. Looks like it might have been kept in a damp environment. The hardwear should clean up ok & the frets will look great after polishing (fine grit papers or pads).
  11. Not this sort of experience no. I had a new 339 in 2015 that had a intermittent signal problem. I needed to clean the switch contacts. It also had the G binding in the nut. That's common too. This was my first Gibson so like you, I used this forum at the time also. I cant believe they separate out flawed instruments before determining distribution. You sound like you've had enough. Maybe time to get a refund?
  12. Sounds as if you want rid of the mud without compromising the sound overall. I reckon Dub-T and Sparque's suggestions are good. I'm suprised that no one has suggested turning volume down (Its simple & obvious, though having said this, it wouldn't suit me either!). Personally I have always thought that (all other things being equal) SGs sound muddier than LPs. I expect some flak for this, but that's how it sounds to me. I assume you have tried to EQ this out on your amp(s)?
  13. Curious. So unlike a Floyd Rose which detunes remaining strings during a bend, this absorbs the bend?! Sounds like the solution to a small problem that creates a bigger problem. In that respect it is like a FR.
  14. So its a Standard. SG ? LP ? something else? Any more pix? Impressive gift though. Who gave it to you? Special occasion maybe?
  15. Coming Home - Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
  16. Come On Let's Go - Ritchie Valens *** score
  17. Glad you got there. Good to know.
  18. Bridge failures. Looks like design didn't do their stress calculations properly https://www.steelconstruction.info/Fatigue_design_of_bridges
  19. a bit of nostalgia there Sounds possible. Maybe the serial number would help fix the date to confirm.
  20. There have been glide wheels on keys for quite a while, but that thing looks industrial strength & built for stage presence. It shakes the whole casing when he smacks it.
  21. Nice choice. I like mine a lot too. Enjoy it for many years to come.
  22. I just thought of the ABBA reform. I wonder why.
  23. Big beautiful Blue bird! Love it.
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