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  1. Thanks for that guys. Some good opposing views given there and I, to a large extent, agree with both sides (Aaarrggggghh). I have until the latter half of July to commit. I'll post back once I have it. I may have to check out the GuitarVillage folks though like advised. Cheers.
  2. Thank you 'everyone' for the kind replies. I live in the UK so a pilgrimage to Wildwood is out of the question. I do like Greg Koch's Wildwood videos on Youtube though :) Regarding the 345. The one linked to up above is only about 70 miles from where I live. It's a beauty alright. However, my budget is on stretching to £2500 max. Another £750 would have me in the poor house. I would never have considered spending £2000 on a guitar a year ago, let alone £3000+. Ouch!!! That 345 is right up my street though - if I could afford it. I do like the 345s. In terms of looks, I see the 335 as a mainstay all rounder, the 355 as a 'Sunday best' blues guitar. For some reason, I associate the aesthetics of the 345 as an older refined gentleman's guitar getting played in a smokey jazz club by someone sipping port in between songs. Ha ha. Mind you, Elvin Bishop and Freddie King aren't really withstanding with this imagery. There a couple in Europe for about £2700 but they are sunbursts and are 1959 reissues. I have a 50s neck on a Les Paul I've fallen out of love with to a degree. Yep, although the Richlite might be okay and play fine, it's the resale implications regarding the lower esteem in which a richlite fretboard has relative to the more upscale other appointments a 355 has retained. There's something uncomfortable about say...spending X on a flashy top of the range Mercedes whilst having to accept that it has the wheels of a car considerably cheaper. Possibly a flawed analogy? I did have my eye on some of the limited edition Bourbon Burst 335 dots out there. I thought they looked stunning and would likely have held more value than a 355 richlites. They went really quick though. The GuitarGuitar store linked to earlier has one left but they want far more than the others I've seen being sold for. Kinda off putting. By the way, what's that deal with some stores having an over-abundance of ES models with white pickguards and very few with black pickguards? I realise a pickguard can easily be swapped out...but what's that all about? It's looking like a cherry 335 block or a second hand 355. I have to say, I'd rather go with a brand new one (and keep it in good condition) though, so the former might be my better bet. I'll have to wait until late July so I have a bit more time to think yet. Thanks
  3. Hi there I'm now at a fortunate financial juncture whereby I can afford a 335/355. I already own a Les Paul and an SG '61 Reissue. I actually also have a Strat and Tele (both USA standards) and like to buy, not only for enjoyment of playing nice guitars, but also as investments which I can sell during hard times if need be - which I've done over the years. My trouble at present is that I can't decide between a 335 and 355. I reckon I'm going to go with either a Cherry Block 335 or a Cherry 355 (both 2015). The thing that bothers me ever-so-slightly about the 355 is the Richlite fretboard. I'm not wishing to inspire debate about the look or suitability of richlite as a fretboard material or Gibson's rationale behind it. I know this has been done to death with people actually digging the richlite. I'm just wondering if richlite will become an enduring norm on custom models which formerly had ebony fretboards? I guess my fear is that Gibson may go back to ebony fretboards in a few years and when/if I decide to sell a 355 (if I get one), then I may have difficulty selling it due to having a potentially undesirable one from a short time period of richlite runs/editions. Am I over reacting? Should I go with a mainstay 335 rosewood? Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
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