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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. Here's an update and the news is good. I started at 4/64 and 6/64 and worked from there with my ears guiding me. Much better. Now, most importantly the g string problem....took a strip of 400 grit silicon carbide paper and folded it. Loosened g string and worked it just son slightly in the nut slot. Repeated the process several times until things were just right. Used a nut sauce type lube. Guitar plays well.. Will now bring this on the road as a backup instrument instead of keeping it in the case.
  2. I'm new here so hopefully someone can help. I bought (new) a SG original with the lyre tailpiece 2 years ago. I have a number of guitars so I find myself not using this beautiful instrument because no matter what I can't get it to sound right on two levels. First position d chords don't sound right...tuning difficulty... and sound is a bit harsh. It has 57 classic pups yet they sound bright, and don't sing the way I would expect. Thoughts and ideas appreciated. Yes, it is a genuine article, was bought from a reliable dealer and I checked w Gibson.
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