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    She sure is pretty, Paw. πŸ™‚
  2. She's a Kramer from 1985 or 1986. Most likely built in Korea, based upon that serial number. Other than that, the photos are too small to pick out any of the critical details. Can you take a close up photo of the front of the headstock, the back of the headstock, and the bridge EMG-style pickup? Thanks!! πŸ™‚
  3. This might be considered Mint Condition as well, when you think about it. 😐
  4. Welcome, Sarah. It's great to have you aboard! There are a lot of veteran players here with plenty of great advice. Seek and ye shall find! Sparky PS My wife's favorite niece, from southern Alabama, is named Sarah Sims. Small world! πŸ™‚
  5. I can't wait to give a listen. I must confess though, I have never heard of the band Love, nor this album, before today. Looking over the musicians involved, it's going to be treat, I suspect. I see most of the Wrecking Crew on there. Very excited now. πŸ™‚
  6. I was just copying the sound hole label protocols that Gibson used many years ago. 'Style' was what we might call Model Number. 'Gibson' was either guitar, ukulele, or mandolin. And Serial Number is self explanatory. Trust me, they weren't consistent in their application of these practices either. See examples below.
  7. I must state right up front that: * These photos suck. I like photographing in natural light, not in the evening with overhead lamps and Kodak flash. But I have to work with the resources I have this evening. and, * I would never endeavor to represent this fake Gibson as the real deal. I'm just happy to have stumbled across it (while in search of gun ammo), and to find that it fills a niche that needed filling. See, I have been scheming for a few months to find a cheap used acoustic guitar, and to install a pickup, wiring, and primitive Volume and Tone Knobs right on the front of it. I even ordered a cheap kit in order to accomplish this goal. (see link below) https://www.amazon.com/Acoustic-Guitar-6-string-Control-Pickup/dp/B07D992WY5/ref=sr_1_17?dchild=1&keywords=acoustic+guitar+6+string+Volume+and+Tone+Control+%2B&qid=1610589958&s=musical-instruments&sr=1-17 I really hate modern acoustic/electric controls (mounted on the upper shoulder of the guitar typically), and I always liked the look and groove of the Beatles J-160e. I wanted to create something like that on my own. Bigger than Stuttgart, I walked into that pawn shop, and there she is; The beast who must be bought. And so I bought her. And now she is mine. And she actually plays and sounds really nice. Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. πŸ˜”
  8. And Dub-T-123 wins the prize. She's a fairly faithful reproduction of (one of those two) famous Gibson J-160e's that Brian Epstein bought for the lads back in 1962. The sound hole tag had been torn out, so I recreated one, and invented a serial number that details the exact day the the Beatles broke up all those years ago. $169 dollars, American, used. Actually plays, sounds, and behaves really nicely. I just need to put lighter gauge strings on there. I'm impressed with the work of 12 year old luthier ζŽδΈ‡ι‡Œ and 11 year old craftsman ι’¦θŠ³θ€. I'll post some photos in a bit. I got in later from work than I had planned. 🀨
  9. I scored a pawn shop prize yesterday, I'm I am really happy with it. The back-story and more photos later on this afternoon, when I get off from work. I have to run now, that sausage ain't gonna make itself. 😘
  10. Yeah. This is true, rct. Or, mebbe I'm just a guitar addict. I already have a pine body Esquire of sorts, the one that Patrick Gentile built a few years ago. It's a really great guitar. I love how versatile it is. And then I have that awesome sporty Indy T-2 jobber, with a TV Jones-style pickup in it. But truth be told, ever since I sold off everything that ever had a P-90 in it, I'm starting to long for one, and justifying this new one would be quite a trial. Or, who knows? 😜
  11. That Tele with the single P90 is talking to me. 😜
  12. I am with you 100%, good sir. 😐
  13. Oh my gosh, what a great guitar!! Man oh man. Well played sir!! πŸ˜›
  14. I'm going to guess that it's a Gibson ES type guitar, made in Kalamazoo in 1968. Just my guess. Since that's what we're doing here. πŸ™‚
  15. My brother keeps 8's on his electrics. I don't care for them. You barely touch them to phrase chords, and if you grab anything too hard or deep, you go crazy sharp. Not a fan. I cannot imagine 7's. 😐
  16. Welcome, JustinTime27, That's a great guitar, with a rich history. I know you'll feel at home here! πŸ™‚
  17. I recommend you delete your other posting, wherein you ask the same question. How much is the seller asking for the guitar? Just curious. πŸ˜—
  18. It's an Epiphone acoustic guitar, from the Presentation Series. Gibson has owned Epiphone since 1957. Gibson and Epiphone were separate companies before that, and rivals in the archtop guitar market. Details: Epiphone PR-550 Featured a dreadnought-style body, spruce top, rosewood back and sides, round sound hole with multi-ring rosette, black and white multi-ply binding. She's got a mahogany neck, 14/20-fret rosewood fingerboard, three-per-side tuners, rosewood bridge, and tortoise shell style pickguard, usually (but not always) with an "E" logo. Available only, back in the day, in Natural finish. Has a 25.5 in. scale. Manufactured in the early 1980s. Worth today, in Excellent Condition - $300 - $375 Average Condition - $175 - $225 I hope this helps. πŸ™‚
  19. Yeah. Somebody knocked it against something. There's no clear-coat over the light gloss of nitro. It's a very bare-bones guitar. πŸ˜‘
  20. If it helps, mine is a beast. It's got insanely great humbucking tones, loud and crisp. But capable of cleaning up and playing nice when clean. A very level sitting guitar strapped on, with just a hint of neck dive, depending upon your body geometry and the strap. πŸ™‚
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