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  1. Jack, Changing from 0.10's to 0.09's isn't going to change much, I suspect. The easier and cheaper thing to do, in this trouble-shooting experiment, is to remove one spring. See what that does for you, good sir. 🙂
  2. This only just occurred to me. When you write your songs and song lyrics, what are your left-and-right-limits for expressions of emotion, either positive or negative? And further, are your song-writing ambitions limited by that which is the socially-accepted norm of pop radio? And if so, is that even a relevant convention in this life and these times? When I was in the Army, my mates and I spoke in extreme and often outrageous terms, especially when we were joking around, riffing philosophic, or just talking story. "Man oh man. She is gorgeous. I would crawl through fi
  3. Oh, COME ON! That's some of my best stuff right there!! 😕
  4. So no, this thread isn't about frequently mis-heard song lyrics. That's boring, and it's been done to death. This is about my brain's synapses. I post this so that I may better understand my affliction. You see, I may have a disease. Or a malady if you will. A disorder. I can hear and learn perfectly innocuous, wonderful song lyrics, and then my mind goes off somewhere, and invents vulgar, obscene, juvenile variations on those same lyrics. And then I sing them in my head. Sometimes at band practice. Worse yet, in my advancing years, I have been known to sing the
  5. Bon après-midi! C'est l'une des plus belles guitares Les Paul que j'aie jamais vues. Je l'aime. 🙂
  6. It took me awhile to figure out what you guys were talking about. Courses Of Action? Coat Of Arms, maybe. Change Of Address.....? Oh yeah. Certificate Of Authenticity. Whooo boy. 😑
  7. The Chinese Manned Space Engineering office reports that it "landed in the Indian Ocean at a point 72.47° East and 2.65° North".
  8. Exactly. We would go from, "What's for supper, Grandma?" to "What's for supper?" "Grandma." 😏
  9. I played folk guitar for the New Christy Menstruals. It was bloody awful. 😬
  10. This lady takes her seat on the airliner next to a nicely-dressed gentleman, and straps herself in. He turns and inquires, "Traveling for business, or pleasure?" She responds, "Pleasure. I'm headed to a convention of nymphomaniacs." She then turned and smiled. "My name is Trudy, and I'm very much attracted to men who are US educated Germans living in Norway whose favorite bands play Fender guitars and amps, but who still prefer Gibsons and Marshalls. What's your name?" He cleared his throat, and tipped his hat, "Well, ma'am, my name is Helmut Johansen, but my friends from Geo
  11. It's settled then. I'd rather have yours than Les's anyway. 😗
  12. I was stationed in Zwitzerland for awhile. Never zaw a Zager guitar there. I did enjoy having a nice zägerwurst for lunch though, followed by shots of Zägermeister. Okay, I'm gonna zchut up now. 😑
  13. It sounds to me like you have a pretty young pony who sadly resides in a small, cramped paddock. She is rarely exercised, and feels sad. Some neighboring rancher wishes to pay you top dollar for her, and if you sell her, she has a chance to run free in large pastures, and will almost surely be exercised and ridden on a frequent basis. I would say that it's time to sell that horse. 😐
  14. Buenos días, Beto. ¡El Kramer Forum lll es un excelente bajo! Mi amigo tuvo uno a finales de los 80's. Suelen valer 400 dólares en estos días.
  15. One of my favorite Monkees songs is also one of their most recent, from 2016.
  16. Those are gorgeous, Andreas. And I especially like your chair there. That looks exceptionally comfortable, sir. We should all be so lucky as to have a chair like that. 🙂
  17. Sgt. Pepper nailed it. 😘
  18. She's not a neck-through, but the scarf joint is nicely done. Those overseas Fender employees really know their wood craft. I love it. Plugged her in. She's a really interesting machine. Not a Les Paul, and not a Stratocaster. The single-coil tones when you pull up on the Tone Knob aren't precisely vintage Tele either. But it's uniquely Fender, if that makes any sense. It's like Billy Gibbons and Joe Walsh had an Indonesian baby, and named it Rick Nielsen. Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. 😬
  19. I must say, I'm impressed. She's a beaut, Clark. Gorgeous edge binding, wonderful color blending, nearly black chrome bits, and a smooth, supple neck. 🙂
  20. Well, the box showed up in great condition, as did the Fender interior box and Sweetwater case candy. No case though. And no gig bag. The guitar itself was well protected, and in lovely shape.
  21. Okay, so I sold off two guitars this past week, and gave one away. (An old but pristine Alvarez acoustic, to the local drug & alcohol treatment facility.) Today I am poised to sell one more, a Les Paul style guitar that I am fond of, but just don't play all that much. Two guys at work are lusting to buy it, so we'll see which fellow ends up buying it off me. Why the purge, you may ask? Because I am making room for a Fender Telecaster that I have had my eye on for quite awhile. And as much as I hope and pray, Sweetwater just isn't putting it on sale. So I pulled the trigg
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