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  1. 9 hours ago, tx-ogre said:

    We have most of the usual suspects (McDonalds, Burger Thing, Carl’s Jr., Steak n’ Shake, etc.).  The big “local” favorite of many is Whataburger.  It was founded in Corpus Christi in 1950.  There are restaurants throughout Texas and a few in the Florida Panhandle and also Phoenix and Tucson.  Dairy Queen is also a staple in many areas.  Seems like any town with a paved Main Street has an obligatory DQ.

    My favorite Texas chain.  We are getting a Whataburger here in Madison, Alabama. quite soon. 

    I'm so excited!


  2. My dogs have run a mud rut around the corner of the back yard, and the armyworms have raised holy hell lately. 
    Ugliness abounds. 

    So I put in a new border and gravel dog run, and we'll see how this works out. 
    Hope springs eternal. 




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  3. Thanks for the review, fretplay. 

    John Mayer is an excellent guitar player, intelligent fellow, and an accomplished songwriter. 
    He has turned off many with his self absorbed nonsense and public drama. 

    But I like the guy. 
    He's one of the very best of our times. 


  4. 8 hours ago, tx-ogre said:

    Hey Sparky,

    If you’re interested,  there appears to be several Krystal Burger restaurants in Alabama, mostly in the Montgomery area.  While not actual WC restaurants, I dined at some of them in Georgia and also here in Texas.  There used to be one open on the west side of San Antonio that I drove by every time I visited our office in San Antonio and obviously had to dine there while passing through..  Krystal is not exactly the same as White Castle, but I would definitely say it qualifies under the old “close enough for government work” standard.  😁

    Thanks, tx-ogre. 

    We've actually got a few Krystal burger joints here in Huntsville. 

    I have had breakfast sandwiches from them before, but not the actual burgers. 
    Maybe today is the day!


  5. Went on a road trip back in 1987 with some good buddies. 
    Lower Alabama to Lake St. Louis and back in four days. 
    The plan was to drive the gas guzzling rag top Cadillac up there, pick up a boat that Bill's mom didn't want anymore, and bring it back home for some fixing up and water skiing enjoyment. 

    Two of the fellows dropped us off, and they split off and visited family in Herculaneum, MO for the weekend. 
    Bill and I spent some time with his mom, and then had an evening out in St Louis with his brother Scott, who was about to graduate college with a business degree. 

    I recall a lot of drinking, and then the three of us ending up at the White Castle on Broadway at 1:30 a.m.

    Good burgers, good friends, good times. 



  6. I would contact Gibson directly and ask them the question. 



    The nearly brand new condition of what I can see from that one photo makes me wonder about it being a 1976 model, I can say that much. 

    Others on here have vast amounts of experience in providing dating information based upon just one of photo of the back of a headstock. 
    Sadly, I don't have that experience. 

    I would need to see a few photos of the front of the guitar. 

    A close up of the front of the headstock would be great, and another close up of the bottom pickup, tune o matic bridge, and tail piece would be excellent. 


  7. 19 minutes ago, jdgm said:

    And that's that.   I/we are meant to play one more live set, for free at Southampton 'Music In the City' on Oct 2nd.  I won't be surprised if the drummer refuses and we cancel.  I don't even care any more either.  Band is finished and has been for the last 3 years, really.  We've had 3 singers and they've all eventually worked against us in some way or other. 

    So much for getting ready, big amps and new pedals.  Stupid jdgm and my stupid ideas.

    As noted earlier;  sometime in the future I will try and find something nearer home that is actually worth pursuing.  Maybe.

    Thaanks everybody and best wishes to all.

    I can only offer words of support and encouragement, jdgm. 

    A lot of us are in the same boat. Or a similar boat for sure. 
    My band is in a flux, and it feels like we've hit the iceberg and are sinking. 

    I may have spoken of it before. 
    Our drummer spends as much time as he can with his father, who is being treated for cancer. Dad is immune-compromised, so Joe is understandably reticent to get together and practice or play in closed spaces.  I literally went and got vaccinated back in the spring, mainly out of love and respect for Joe and his dad.
    We have had practices, but it's been a challenge. 

    We were confirmed to play a big outdoor sports fest gig on September 24th, and we even had a backup drummer lined up, but because of the recent spike in new covid cases, that event has been cancelled. We now only have a tentative gig lined up for early December at this point. 

    To top it all off, our bass player and girl singer don't particularly get along any more, and tensions run high. 

    As for myself, I have been paring-down the number of guitars that I keep and maintain, and tightening-up on my gear, amps, pedals, and accessories. 
    I have been practicing with a couple other guitar players, and had a fairly productive practice session with a local drummer. 
    Things look promising as far as making music with these other guys, but none of these other guys sing, and I really need at least one more harmonizing voice if I am to proceed in any new musical direction. 

    But proceed I must.
    Writing songs on our own can be fun and artistically rewarding, don't get me wrong.  But it's not enough.  
    Noodling at home with no tangible performance expectation is flat and unsatisfying. 
    I need to make music with a band, and to rock for an audience. 
    It's something that gets in your blood, and won't go away. 

    High hopes for you, me, and everyone else in this boat. 
    Fingers crossed that things get better, and we will find ourselves playing fun and rewarding gigs. 



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  8. Well, if nobody else is gonna contribute......

    (a poem)

    Metallica is on Kimmel tonight
    and that got me to thinking
    a sit-down pondering alright
    and not just because I’m drinking

    I’m thinking about the new music scene
    compared to the days of old
    How it was to how it’s been
    well after we sought control

    Metallica is on Kimmel tonight
    and they’ve been to a  group therapist
    Thin Lizzy would just as soon get in a fight
    after getting falling-down pissed

    Sammy Hagar is on Jay Leno’s Garage show
    Janis was on Southern Comfort and heroin
    Alice Cooper is on the golf course now
    instead of bourbon and oxycontoin

    Jimi never got to be a grandad
    because of the barbiturates and booze
    A sober John Mayer became the Berklee grad
    Keith Moon is in a permanent snooze

    Sex, drugs, and rock & roll
    Maybe not all it was cracked up to be
    Perhaps sobriety is better after all
    Better than dying at 27, surely

    Metallica is on Kimmel tonight
    And so Def Leppard might be on Jimmy Fallon
    KISS on Graham Norton alright
    on the couch next to Woody Allen

    I guess it all comes down to not being dead
    Though it’s not for a lack of trying
    Better to work it out with Dr. Phil and Buckethead
    than to end up tragically dying

    Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. 

  9. 10 hours ago, badbluesplayer said:

    My buddy Mickey Curry was driving a red Fiero when he was drumming with Hall and Oates during that time.  I never realized that they had an association with Pontiac.

    Oh, that's fabulous!
    Please tell him a long time fan says hi!

    Mickey was drumming with Daryl and John when I saw them live back then, along with Charlie, T-Bone, and GE Smith of course. 
    So much talent on one stage. 

    Daryl referred to Mickey as 'the best looking drummer in all of rock and roll' during that show, when he was doing introductions and brief solos. 
    Funny and great times!

  10. The short-lived (1980 to 1984) Gibson Sonex 180 series of guitars were very much oddities. 
    Their bodies were "Multi-Phonic construction with Resonwood surrounding a wood core", though the necks were maple with a rosewood fingerboard. 
    Replacing the S1 and Marauder as far as 'affordable' options, they sold reasonably well, but never captured the hearts of the Gibson faithful. 

    I lived in Germany during the meat of the run of them, December 1981 thru Summer of 1984, and only set my eyes on one after I was back in the States. 
    Had a chance to buy a used one that I saw in a pawn shop in Birmingham, AL in 1985, while I was up there for a Hall & Oates concert. 
    It would have cost me $225 used, and my first ex-wife balked at such an extravagant purchase. 

    This web article offers some GREAT information on the Sonex 180 guitars. 


    It was probably fitting that my memory of the Hall and Oates concert venture is linked to that Sonex guitar and also the Pontiac Fiero (the sponsor of the Big Bam Boom concert series). 
    Synthetic  Resonwood Multi-phonic body guitars and poor-selling cars with plastic, synthetic body panels. 
    There's some connection there, I think. 
    Just can't put my mind to it at this moment. 



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