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  1. I have a good friend who is retired Army. He's a great guy with a big heart, but he's got dyslexia. Types, writes, and posts a whole lot like the OP. Keep on posting, JOMcKJr. I understand you, even if the others here find your prose to be perplexing and nonsensical. πŸ™‚
  2. I haven't been to the break room in Nashville. Never been to the Gibson factory or home offices either. Nor Opryland or any of those tourist joints there. I do like visiting and staying near Broadway in Nashville. That's where the old honky-tonks are, and where Gruhn's Guitars used to be. I have been known to stay at The Hermitage, a 100 year old four-star hotel, just a couple of blocks northwest of The Ryman Auditorium. I'm a Veteran as well, JOMcKJr. Not disabled really, but I am a bit stiff in the joints lately. Glad and grateful to find myself upright and ambulatory every morning. Switching from whiskey to Lite Beer a few years ago seems to help. πŸ™‚
  3. I spent five straight hours in the chair of the local endodontist this morning. endodontist /ˌendōˈdΓ€n(t)Ι™st/ noun DENTISTRY a dentist who practices or specializes in sadistic torture of the most deviant kind "for root canal treatment, or extreme pain of any sort, you will have to consult an endodontist" I had two root-canals this morning, and I now have more stitches in my mouth than Rick Nielsen has guitars. And to top it all off, Dr. Josef Mengele soaked my insurance company for several thousand dollars. I personally paid $4,000 out of pocket on my way out the door. I got into the wrong business, I tell you. 😞
  4. I agree. And by the way, that's a really cool guitar. A rare and wonderful item indeed! πŸ™‚
  5. Rudedawg, It might be best to call the customer service folks at your insurance company, and ask them what qualifies as an official valuation. Eracer_Team wisely points out that Gruhn's can offer a written Appraisal, which carries more weight than a valuation offered by some guys on an internet web forum. Chance are, if you live near a large city, there will be a music shop that offers Instrument Appraisal services, for a fee. (Usually $50 or so.) Here's a screen capture from Fjestad's Blue Book Of Guitar Values. It's considered a decent and credible valuation resource, so maybe this will help. See what the insurance company says for sure though. Their position is what matters most, right? πŸ™‚
  6. We have nearly always gigged with Roland and Alesis kits. No complaints, ever. Sometimes the full Gretsch maple kit, but the logistics of that, never mind the sound/backsplash issues, were always a challenge. Modern digital kits really do work out quite well. 😐
  7. That's fabulous news, rct. Some of the best news I have heard lately, good sir. I hope to get my band similarly situated quite soon. Our girl singer is recovering from back surgery, so she should be in top form in about a month or so. And our drummer is finally getting out, after satisfying himself that everyone's vaccinated now, and the risk of finding himself dead from nasty viruses is greatly reduced. (That was a big issue for awhile with him and his family.) My band-mate brother and I will be traveling up to New Hampshire next week along with our older brother, to visit with our sister who is terminally ill with lung cancer. A sad and heart-wrenching situation, but it's where we find ourselves. Family first, and then so things will open up and evolve with the band. Cheers, and again, congratulations. πŸ™‚
  8. My wife loves that I love guitars. And she encourages me to buy every single one that my heart desires. She's great. I don't trust her. Surely she's up to something. 😐
  9. It comes down to the cost of shipping, then. I could purchase any guitar that you want, Andrew Swann, and then ship it to you via FedEx to where you reside in the U.K. But would the cost of that very shipping make then entire deal cost-prohibitive? And are there import/export taxes that we would be bypassing in the course of the transaction? (Please tell me that's the case, because it just might motivate me to do it anyway.) πŸ˜ƒ
  10. This fellow kills me. He flips a lot of guitars, lists them for much higher dollar values than the guitars deserve, and then argues with you when you want to pay fair market value. I have texted him upon occasion, after he offers up this or that guitar for hundreds more than it's worth, offering an appropriate, even generous, amount of money. The guys' response is nearly always, "What are you, stupid?? These are valuable guitars, far above your pay grade! Go back to mommy's basement, you moron!" I really love the write up on this problematic Gibson derelict that he wants a thousand bucks for. I'm tempted to text him, and offer him six hundred. Just to press his buttons. https://huntsville.craigslist.org/msg/d/huntsville-1972-gibson-sg/7327867047.html (And yes, I know what a GIbson SG Deluxe, made between 1971 and 1976, is worth. This particular project-guitar, even as a foundation for a rebuild, is not worth a grand.) πŸ˜„
  11. Walking out with my coffee and enjoying the garden. And the work ahead still. πŸ™‚
  12. That was Paul Gilbert and his son Marlon Gilbert dancing around there. I'm under the impression that Paul played all the guitars, bass, and drums on that track. Most impressive! πŸ™‚
  13. You might just have a contrary G string. I think maybe it might be related to my ex-wife. Tell me, does it stay in a sulky mood, sometimes for weeks on end? That would confirm it right there. πŸ˜‘
  14. Paul Gilbert is one fabulous, weird, wonderful talent. Man oh man. πŸ˜ƒ https://www.guitarworld.com/news/paul-gilbert-werewolves-of-portland
  15. Eric, The guitars are of the same construction, whether they end up sold here in the USA, or exported to Europe. I think it's just that the Europeans are a little more careful with their guitars, while we Americans tend to be more cavalier in the handling of our instruments. Real life examples: Fritz: So, now the stage is nearly set up for ze show. It's time to un-case the guitars and check the tuning. Helmut: Ja, I agree. We must be careful about it, wie immer. These guitars, they cost us many Euros. Fritz: Indeed. I am putting on ze white cotton gloves now. Will you assist me, und den so I will assist you wiss yours. Helmut: Jawohl. I must first uncase my Bosendorfer guitar tuner. It is precise to 0.012 Mhz at Standard Tuning A 440. Fritz: In all things, precision. Helmut: Ja, natürlich! vs: Joe Mac: Hey, hand me another beer, this load-in and set-up is thirsty work. Billy Bob: You got that right. (pops open a couple of ice-cold Bud Lite beers). You wanna tune up the guitars before the first set? Joe Mac: What fer? We're playing Lynyrd Skynyrd music, not dad-gum Tchaikovsky. Billy Bob: That's a good point right there! Say, wanna see my new thing? Joe Mac: What new thing? Billy Bob: I can play the guitar, in between "Big wheels keep on turnin'" and "carry me home to see my kin," I swing the guitar around behind my back, like Steve Vai in that dang old Yankee Rose video! Joe Mac: The **** you say!! What if the strap comes undone? Yer guitar would go sailin', and you'd break the head clean off it! Billy Bob: Aw, what's the odds of that happenin'?? Now, as for myself, I have owned quite a few Gibsons over the years (like SGT Pepper), and I have never once broken a headstock. But the day is young yet. 😬
  16. Gibson. Harley Davidson. Similar business models, in my opinion. 😐
  17. Here are some images from1973, I reckon. http://richzimmermann.com/itemlist/tag/Doug Yankus πŸ™‚
  18. And the headstock rarely snaps off of a Kramer. Just sayin'..... According to Fjestad's Blue Book, your Kramer Pacer is worth around $500 US Dollars today. πŸ™‚
  19. Welcome Chrose1201. Great story, and an exciting acquisition ahead of you. Looking forward to seeing how it all pans out, sir. πŸ™‚
  20. The Les Paul Studio is pretty much a Les Paul Standard, only without the fancy edge-binding and blingy-trim. It's a lesser-priced Gibson Les Paul. It's called the Studio because somebody, years ago, assumed that live stage performers would want all the gorgeous visual bling, and that a studio musician just needed a guitar that worked. To your question about a 2006 Studio versus a 2016 Studio, the answer is no. One isn't necessarily more valuable than the other. πŸ˜‰
  21. Now THAT is some free music. 😬
  22. Welcome, Jamco80. We do love chatting about guitars here, that much is true. And telling bad jokes. 😁
  23. This baby seal walks into a club. 😬
  24. I have always loved Clair de Lun by Claude Debussy. My favorite recording was on an old LP (that I still have around here somewhere, I think) by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra. Just gorgeous. Ironically, though I used to watch from afar as my friends played those arcade games like Tetris and Pac Mac, I never played them. Was too afraid of embarrassing myself. I've never once played a video game or computer game either. πŸ˜•
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