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  1. That's a fine-looking guitar, Bill. I really like it, a lot! 😀
  2. It is hard to beat that deal, that's for sure. It will be worth waiting for. 🙂
  3. Welcome, FireBirdMan. You own an impressive collection of fabulous Gibsons, surely! I checked out LoudMotor on the interwebs, and you guys are appropriately named. Great rock and roll!! 😀
  4. I'm a Sweetwater guy to the bone, but Musician's Friend has it in stock and ready to ship. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/kramer-the-84-illusionist-custom-graphic-electric-guitar/l86839000001000?cntry=US&cur=USD&utm_content=L86839000001000--Kramer+The+84+"Illusionist"+Custom+Graphic+Electric+Guitar+3D+Black+White+Swirl&source=3WWRWXGS&gclid=Cj0KCQjwm9yJBhDTARIsABKIcGYMTA_oKjz4p_bxQcTGhMrt9Pq94Vx_b0yxd1tVFj4O21wVRLsGCHsaAtX6EALw_wcB 🙂
  5. NotaCGP, I live just north of you, in Harvest, AL. Call me any time you want to chat about guitars and playing musical instruments and making useful noise well into our 80's. PM sent. 🙂
  6. I have gotten pretty good at preparing ribs the Memphis style, and slow-baked in the oven at that. Today I smoked a couple of slabs of ribs, St Louis style. Six hours of dedicated smoking and tending. Good stuff, with cole slaw, red potato salad, and some cucumber salad (German prepared) from my garden. Mmm..mmm.mmm.mmmmm! 😀
  7. He seems stoked over the whole thing. 🙂
  8. What do you call a dog with no legs? You can call him whatever you want, he's still not coming. 😬
  9. I did a bunch of gardening, after brunch with the in-laws. Rode the bicycle for about an hour, and then did some tinkering on a Cort G series that I picked up used recently from a pawn shop, for $140. A G255. Very interesting and good-sounding guitar!! (And thankfully no dings or chips.) Some previous owner pulled the EMG pickups out of it, and installed some conventional passive ones. Works for me. Well, except for the bright white pickup covers he had on the single coils, and the stark white appearance of the bridge pickup. I took the SS covers off today, and then distressed and then added a semi-chrome cover over the bridge pickup. In the end, a good investment. I especially like the Wilkinson bridge and the roller nut. 😀
  10. What's next? Git-coin? 😗
  11. It's an interesting question. All the details are spot on, save the absence of the Gibson headstock logo, as well as the embossed serial number on the back of the headstock. Perhaps some previous owner felt compelled to sand-down and repaint the headstock at some point, as rct surmises. My gut tells me it's real, and that some headstock damage forced an unfortunate repainting. Tragic too, because it would be tough to ask the going Reverb rate of ~$,1400 or even the Blue Book value of $900. 😞
  12. *sigh* (This is me sighing.) I enjoyed the OP's post and video link. I actually owned a used 1970's Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. A gold top. It was my first electric guitar. I saved all my pennies from my job at Hardee's to acquire it. I owned it from 1977 until early 1978. It was a boat anchor. It was heavy. But a joyful guitar, back then when I owned it. I was a teenager. I posted, with no thought whatsoever, "Ten pounds of joy". And then, because it reminded me of a song lyric from one of my favorite artists, "haul away, haul away, haul away". Eventually I was forced to elucidate. Very few of you here apparently ever heard of the New Zealand artists Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Split Enz, Crowded House, or the song, Haul Away. So I quickly and summarily apologized for over-reaching. That's all I got on this Friday evening. I love Gibson Les Paul Deluxe's. I wish I owned one. Haul away. 😐
  13. I'll buy in, but only if your gig back is Genuine Gibson, dolphin-safe, culturally-diverse, gluten-free, and is constructed of tone enhancing materials. 😐
  14. Tim Finn, from New Zealand. Split Enz, and occasionally Crowded House. Neil Finn's older brother. The song was Haul Away, from the Time And Tide album, 1982. Lyric was 'ten pounds of boy'. I over-reached. I'm gonna shut up now. 😞
  15. Wow, such a gorgeous guitar!! 😍
  16. Man, I don't know. Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress always struck me as a CCR song. Until I realized it was the Hollies, a British band. Of course, John Fogerty sued The Hollies and won half the proceeds from the recording for reasons that I can't divine, so..... I'm gonna shut up now. 😐
  17. Welcome, Steve. You are a good man, and that is a GORGEOUS Gibson Les Paul. Congratulations, sir. Glad to have you aboard! 😀
  18. Sophie the Boxer says, "Can you all keep it down just a bit? I'm trying to get a nap here." 😐
  19. Ten pounds of joy. Haul away, haul away, haul away. 😔
  20. Cash it out, go down to your local bookie, and make two bets; One for $500 for the Miami Hurricanes to win next Saturday in their season opener. A second bet for $2,500 for Alabama to win that same game instead. At the least, between the two bets, you'll break even if Alabama wins. In the best case, if Miami wins, you'll pocket several thousand dollars. Then on Monday, go back to the bank and deposit the $3,000, and then notify the school district HR that there was some sort of mistake. Everybody wins this way. 😬
  21. A communist joke isn't funny unless everyone gets it. 😬
  22. Leon McAuliffe, most likely. If they used Bob's players, and not movie extras. Not sure about the guitar. Tough to tell with that film quality. Thanks for sharing that. I love old western swing music. One of my favorite acts in that genre is John England and the Western Swingers. 😀
  23. Oh yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. KMC is only 4,000' up. Still, quite cool there. 🙂
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