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  1. Okay, just one thing, Manuel. Can you request a clearer photo of the Tune-0-Matic bridge? The guitar looks legit in many ways, and is indeed beautiful. I think it's genuine. But I want to see if the studs on the bridge feature smooth pins (signs of a real Gibson) or a slotted as in a screw-driver adjustable type application. Slotted like a screwdriver is a red flag, and I can't tell from the photos what's going on there. This (below) is genuine.
  2. Manuel Baptista, If genuine, that serial number simply tells us that the guitar was made at the Gibson plant in Nashville, TN on April 28th, 1989. See if you can post some photos of the rest of the guitar. All you have to do, in this website anyway, is to copy and paste the photo link as plain text. πŸ™‚
  3. Oh man. A little slice of heaven. I spent some time on the Hilo side whenever I could, and Beth and I relaxed upon Kilauea Military Camp quite a few times. (I was Active Army and she was a Government Servant.) Beautiful country there, I love it! PS I asked the question, by the way, because you were wearing a long sleeve t-shirt in that earlier photo. I said to myself, "It has to be cool where he is, and that means 5,000 or 6,000 feet or higher on the Big Island. πŸ˜ƒ
  4. Where you live, bradda? Town or country? πŸ™‚
  5. Some sort of knock-off from the 1970's or 1980's. Most likely Japanese. Lawsuit era Hondo, Tokai, Kent, who knows? Not Gibson. Why would I say such a thing? * As brad1 pointed out, three screws in the truss rod cover. * The funky non-Gibson-tune-o-matic-bridge with screws instead of smooth post ends. * Non-Gibson, decidedly Asian tuners and keys. * Poor fit on the back covers. It's a keeper, if it stays in tune and sounds okay. But it's not a Gibson. 😐
  6. Well, I sure do thank you, Rabs. That's the best gift I have gotten all month!! πŸ˜€
  7. I remember when the George Clooney Batman suit had nipples all of a sudden. THAT was a game-changer!! πŸ˜—
  8. Simon, Sophie, and Petey. (The goofy bandannas were the wife's idea. I cannot be held responsible for that. ) They make a lot of noise whenever anybody comes near the house. 😬
  9. That's a fair question, and of course I felt the pain of the loss. I just traveled to New Hampshire month before last to be with my sister as she died from lung cancer. It was crushingly sad. I just went back and read my original words, and realized that I edited myself poorly the other night, and pulled the trigger on that posting before I had proof-read myself. I published, "sad and out of sorts whenever our beloved family members and treasured rock stars pass and eventually release this mortal coil?" Where I was going with that sentence was to our collective sense of loss at this rock star or that one, and would have read more like so, if I had checked my restructuring while writing: "sad and out of sorts whenever treasured rock stars pass and eventually release this mortal coil, even in the same measure as our beloved family members ?" I'll slow down and work it out better next time I post such a thing. 😬
  10. The passing of Charlie Watts earlier today, and the demise of Dusty Hill a few weeks ago. (And the death of David Bowie a few years ago, I must mention.) It has given me pause to consider the question, who exactly lives forever? Can any of us name somebody who has achieved lifelong immortality? Let's set aside Christ and Buddha and Vishnu and all the other manifestation of our Almighty God. I'm talking about human beings that we have come to know and love and cherish. Can any of us name somebody who managed to live forever in the end? (The verdict is still out on Keith Richards, let's admit that much.) Further, if we admit that nobody lives forever, why exactly is it that we get sentimental and sad and out of sorts whenever our beloved family members and treasured rock stars pass and eventually release this mortal coil? Is this a reflex action? (This expected mourning phase.) Are we conditioned to be astounded by that which was expected all along? Why do we feel the need to utter, "Oh my gosh, RIP, (insert name here)."? We are ALL gonna die. Why do we do this? Is it out of simple respect for our heroes? Or are we just on auto-pilot anymore? πŸ˜—
  11. Very sad news. Always an elegant and lovely gentleman. Class was his middle name, I think. πŸ™‚
  12. Very nice! Congratulations, and makemake wau iā Κ»oe i nā lā hauΚ»oli he nui o ka pāʻani Κ»ana. πŸ™‚
  13. It's funny. We have more devices on us and in our gig bags than Batman had accessories in his Bat Belt. I have the old non-smart flip phone of course. For personal calls and (rarely) texts. It'll get replaced by AT&T so it can be 4G or 5G, but will still be primitive by all standards and measures. The number shall remain (256) 585-8602 I am told. In case anybody wants to prank call me at 4:00 am. (Funny thing is, I will already be up, and having coffee by that time.) I have also the company-issued smart phone. It's a Galaxy something or the other. It does internet and phone calls and texts, but I keep it strictly work-related. Nothing personal on that one. Lastly, there's my tablet. I think it's also a Galaxy thingamabob, and I can do all manners of internet (i.e. mature nude lady porn, and looking for guitars more importantly), and also my personal aviation app, Garmin Pilot, which allows me to fly or drive hither and yon and see my exact location on a 1:250.000 JOG map, with live streaming weather, which is a life saver. Any wonder that I love to leave all the devices at home, and go wandering in my woods on a regular basis? πŸ™‚
  14. By some coincidence, my elderly flip-phone (non smart phone) that I use strictly for phone calls, is about to obsolesce. (It won't be functional after February 2022, because it can't do 4G or 5G, whatever that means.) I kept it for the past few years because the company I work for provides me a smart phone, and I also keep a fully capable tablet functional and online. It's on a no-contract, pay by month deal with AT&T, $25 a month, unlimited talk and text. AT&T contacted me yesterday, and arranged to send me a new flip phone (also not a smart phone, just a phone) for free. Just because they like me so much, I reckon. And because I agreed to keep on using their service and that number. Funny. πŸ˜€
  15. Congratulations, mate. Good stuff!! πŸ™‚
  16. I could point to this entire album, since the guitar work was all Ddick Wagner and Steve Hunter (of Lou Reed's band). And under Bob Ezrin's production, things are wickedly good. (And it goes without saying that any record with Tony Levin playing bass is going to be top-notch.) Drumming is unbelievable. But this song here kind of does it for me. Every riff throughout is sublime, but things really heat up after the 3:00 minute mark. πŸ™‚
  17. I owned a few Epiphone strat bodies over the years. Good sounding, great playing strat copies, I must admit!! πŸ™‚
  18. Roger, that's generally how I go about my consumption of wings and celery. Blue Cheese dip normally, though sometimes a cool ranch is called for. I just had some wings last Friday evening. Mmmmm-mm-mmmmm. 😘
  19. I'll never switch my dip. πŸ˜—
  20. Perhaps I should explained my 'I'm floored' comment, and offer some context; * I had never heretofore heard any actual music by Nickelback. * I had heard of them of course, and across the internet, that hearing was in the vein of, "most people dislike them", and it's become a never ending well of pejorative humorous barbs to even bring them up in polite society. I had it in my head that they were schlock-meisters of some sort, in the vein of Justin Bieber, Hanson, or Florida Georgia Line. Imagine my amazement when I clicked on that link in the original posting then. Is it the best cover of Sharp Dressed Man ever? No, of course not. But I had my expectations set a whole lot lower going in, I can tell you that much. I need to go back now, and explore the Nickelback songs that I have missed. And shame on me for listening to the interwebs hype in the first place. 😬
  21. A lovely work of art that sounds like a really good Martin Acoustic. Nice!! πŸ˜ƒ
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