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  1. What do you call a fish with no eye? Fsh. 😬
  2. Aw man. That's terrible. He was such a sport, that guy. And a crazy-good bass player. Never used a pick. Saw him with ZZ Top live in Honolulu in 1997. Such a good show. 😔
  3. Congrats. Great guitar!! The naked pickups look fine to me, but then again, that's just me. I don't care for anything that subtracts from the rock. 😐
  4. Carnauba is the definitely the way to go. I've been using the spray version of it on all my guitars for many years. Cars and motorcycles too, as you can imagine. I admire that you use the paste version of it. My only problem with the paste wax is that it can get crusted up in the crevices and cracks, and then I have to use a soft toothbrush to get it out of there. Plus it takes a lot of work, and I'm getting lazy in my old age. I use terrycloth for buffing down the frets and any slightly corroded or dirty bits (like you tend to find when you visit pawn shops). In general, I am with you. A soft cloth like a cotton t-shirt or bandanna is the way to go. Sorry I can't even muster four full paragraphs today. I haven't had my 2nd cup of coffee yet. 😐
  5. Two of the four of us (in my band) never really locked-down or isolated. The nature of our jobs meant getting up and going to work every single day. I might have stayed home and tele-worked five or six times, ever. The other two tele-worked their jobs from their homes, exclusively. On top of that, the cancerous health issues of periferal family members meant an extra layer of caution when it came to social distancing. Still, we managed to have band practice a few times over the past year and a half, and there have been some sporatic side-projects and two-man performances here and there. Now we are headed toward a big outdoor sports fest even in September, and it feels like the band is coming apart. Personal squabbles, distractions, some occassional indifference, they all add up to a feeling that it's time to re-evaluate where we are as a band. I'm going to make sure we put musicians on stage for the sports gig, as I am the musical director. But it may mean showcasing some of our musical partners, and alternating sets of solo and two-man songs, and a fair amount of pre-recorded music. All of which is okay, because the stage is also Opns ground zero for the event, and there will be a fair amount of speeches and sports-related announcements going on, along with awards ceremonies. Feeling sad about my band though. It feels like we were going on intertia after our drummer died three and a half years ago anyway. Maybe it would've been time to hang it up back then, and everyone move in different directions. I myself will carry on. Rocking and performing isn't a hobby for me. It's a passion and life necessity. It's in my blood. 😐
  6. Fine here in northern Alabama. Huge gig lined up in September, and the band is falling apart. Aside from that, all is hunky dory. 😗
  7. Yes. https://www.allparts.com/collections/screws/products/gs-0039-tremolo-claw-screws Precisely what I would order, if I were in your shoes. 🤔
  8. That Inverness Green is a sharp finish. 🙂
  9. Alex is always such a great interview. Just a genuine, humble guy. His best buddy Geddy as well. I really liked this. Thanks for posting it, Rabs. 🙂
  10. She waxed up really nice, and the plastic stuff came off the pickguard really well. Plugged her into my Crate V18, clean and dirty, and I must say, she's a little more versatile than I had anticipated. Warmer than expected. Dirty, I played thru some AC/DC (Shook Me All Night Long), and that was entirely great. Appropriate, in any case. Crunchy, crisp, soaring harmonics. Gibson. Played some original jazzy stuff clean, and I was pretty happy. Had to strum and pluck up the neck a bit to take the bite off of things, but all in all, a great sounding guitar. I'm one happy customer. And she's happy in her new home with her brother and sister Gibsons (low-price points, all three, admittedly). No R-9's or Custom Shop Gibsons around here, and that's just fine by me. 😃
  11. Oh man. Happy day. She arrived an hour ago. I unboxed her, and she is pristine, and more to my concerns, undamaged. Brand new condition, for a ten year old guitar. But that's how she was advertised on Reverb. Plastic still on the pickguard. Neck and fret ends are smooth and supple. Everything is brand new. All the case candy still in the padded Gibson gig bag, with the final QC inspection sign-off on 2 November 2011. Nobody ever played this guitar. Not a scratch or ding on her. I need to call Hyperium Guitar Shop in Round Rock, Texas, and thank them for taking such good care of this odd, weird, wonderful guitar. (Full review to follow, after she gets dusted, checked-out, tuned up, and played.) 🙂
  12. Why, Mr. Bigsby, of course. 😉
  13. Man. Three hundred and seventy-nine bones. They are awfully proud of that Bigsby pedal. 😐 https://www.gamechangeraudio.com/shop/bigsby-pedal-limited-offer/
  14. Today I gave my dead batteries away, free of charge. 😗
  15. Is that a northern hemisphere thing? If so, do they rotate left in Australia and New Zealand? 😬
  16. Well, the wife loves the photos of the inbound SG Melody Maker. So I have that going for me. Sold off that P-bass the other evening, and today I sold off yet another solid body electric, a Fender Duo Sonic. All told, I have divested three guitars and a bass this week. Maybe I'm finally thinning down the herd around here. Starting to eyeball some other guitars that don't get played much. The UPS package tracker says the SG will show up tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a beautifully-undamaged guitar. 😑
  17. I really like that! I especially like the song Just Like You. Good stuff. 🙂
  18. I didn't grow up with Iron Maiden, so I have no history with them. I must say though, this is a brilliant song. Fantastic!! 😘
  19. Oh man, that's really nice!! I love it, and love that you came back to visit and post. You are one of the old guard. Please keep coming back, good sir. 🙂
  20. I have never had any interest in traveling in one, but my wife is enamored with the notion of renting one when next we wish to travel any appreciable distance. Her idea is to carry the dogs with us so that they won't have to be kenneled, and so that we won't miss them while we are away. Yeah. We're crazy dog people. 😗
  21. Yeah, I'm planning on using an L-shaped guitar cable jack in that thing, to keep it low profile., as I'm a very energetic and percussive player. I looked around; Gibson made four Melody Maker reissues/tributes/whatever you call them, from 2011 to 2013. Traditional Les Paul shaped, SG, like the one I ordered, Explorer shaped., and, a Flying V model. This SG beastie really appeals to me for some reason. 😗
  22. So I ordered a used (2011-ish) Gibson Melody Maker off of Reverb the other evening. My wife hasn't asked why I have sold off two electric guitars lately, and am poised to sell an electric bass guitar. But I'm sure she knows that I'm just making room for a new acquisition. I'm very excited. I have seen a variety of videos of Brian Ray playing a similar (white with black trim) SG Junior, and this one appeals to me in a similar fashion. Given that I'm fond of less knobs, (my Les Paul Custom Studio and my Firebird Zero only have two apiece) this one just might be perfect for me. 😬 A full review and photos to come, after she arrives. Fingers crossed that she comes undamaged. The seller is using UPS, which is not my favorite shipper. 😞
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