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  1. My taste for sodas has evolved over the years; 9-15 years old - Coke 16-35 years old - Dr Pepper 36-56 years old - Diet Coke 57-Present - Diet Dr Pepper I try to limit my consumption of sodas to two a day. Coffee in the morning, and a couple of sodas during the day, interspersed with bottled water. It the evening, it's beer, thank you very much. 😐
  2. That looks great, realmongo. If you don't have a rig to elevate and rest the neck of the guitar, I tend to use either of these right there, and I like them a lot. They are made for working on rifles, but they do well for guitars as well.
  3. It's a great one. With it I can dial in simple boost, a little distortion, serious dirt, fuzz, a wall of Foghat, you name it. My bass player buddy fancied mine so much I gave it to him. But I plan on getting another one for myself again. 🙂
  4. I honestly can't remember. And it has absolutely nothing to do with covid. And more to do with my lack of desire to be entertained, I guess. I have gotten to the point where I like to make my own music and write my own chapters. Elton John played here a few years ago, at the Von Braun Center. The wife and I went. That was probably my last concert as an attendee. I'll go out on a limb, and say that was it. It was good. It might've been early March of 2015, I reckon. Davey Johnstone was on guitar and Nigel Olsson was on drums. And the keyboard player was killer-good. The percussionist sang all the high bits that Elton couldn't hit anymore. The acoustics in the concert hall were atrocious, at least from where we sat. There was a non-stop cannon shot of back-slap echo off the back wall of the joint. We left early, in order to escape an ice storm on the roads going home. 😐
  5. I second that motion. The MXR Super Badass is a versatile pedal. Great tones and sounds. 🙂
  6. To the OP's title. Just sayin'.... 😐
  7. I can still remember the SSN of my stick-buddy from flight school. We were required to memorize the full social of our classmates, so that we could fill out the logbook at the end of the day. Particularly if we were the last student to fly that day. This was in 1978. But I can't remember why I walked into the kitchen just now. 😐
  8. I would count myself lucky if somebody said I was the Gregory Hines of dance or guitar. That guy was so good, and such a great fellow. 😞
  9. I picked up this four-pack of storage straps at Tractor Supply yesterday. I'll use them for guitar cables and mic cords, I reckon. $6.99 for the four of them. I have a couple of the larger ones for securing my heavy-duty extension cords, so I know the quality is good. So now I'm jonesing to go back and buy a bunch more. Why do I feel this compulsion to purchase more of them? All my gear cables and cords are neatly rolled up, secured with various coloured Velcro straps, and secured in tote bags. These will be surplus, and may or may not go into service. Is it that they are so affordable.? Vexing it is. 😐 PS You can never have too many drumsticks. I keep several pairs handy in my music room. There's always at least one missing. It's like socks in the dryer or something. 🤔
  10. Rick Savage sometimes plays a Union Jack bass guitar. Very often in full colour, but mostly in shades of black and grey. 😐
  11. I call it the park. It's my parcel of land on the other side of my creek. I keep it nice for the visiting birds and squirrels and raccoons. (And the occasional walking ladies who want a rest.) 😀
  12. Here's more than you could ever want to know about that guitar: http://www.craveguitars.co.uk/home/features/guitars/feature-1984-gibson-explorer-designer-series-union-jack/ 😐
  13. I was in the Army for a great number of years. Decades. Working for them for the past few years as a Government Servant as well, and now a civilian contractor. The current gig is great. Flight test. Objective, purely scientific endeavors. Working with people of high integrity. Really loving it. Hoping to retire completely in about a year and a half or so. Mebbe two years. When the house is paid off. THEN, buddy, look out. Naked gardening. Wine for breakfast. The neighbors filing restraining orders against me for excessive guitar noises. Widow ladies hanging out topless by the pool. You know, the usual retiree stuff. 😉
  14. Can you post a clear photo of the back of the headstock, and one of the soundhole sticker? That might help. 😐
  15. At least two online resources (Guitar Dater Project and GuitarInSite) would have us believe that your serial number belongs to a Gibson made in Kalamazoo in 1964. Very odd. 🤔
  16. Man. That was fantastic. Thanks for sharing that. 😃
  17. Fred Astaire was the Chet Atkins of dancing. 😃
  18. I mowed and edged the yard, the land, the park, the gardens, and everything. 9 straight hours of yard work, and it was especially tough after being away for nearly a week. My battery-powered mower finally succumbed to the battery-recharge-cycle misery, and I was that close to being done. I had just the front yard to do, and I would be finished. So I went to my neighbor, and borrowed his gasoline engine jobbie. I didn't bother to adjust his deck height, for fear of screwing him up on his next mowing. Can you tell? 😐
  19. Troy, Typing in all caps is a sure way to get Gibson's attention. Well done, sir. Well done indeed. 😉
  20. Marco, If I were you, I would contact Gibson Customer Support directly and ask them the question. With a few more photos, they will be able to tell you what you have there. https://www.gibson.com/Support/Contact As Merciful Evans pointed out, that five-piece headstock is a curiosity. I have never seen such a thing on a Gibson Les Paul. Older arch-tops, yes. Some of those had three-to-five piece maple necks/headstocks. Or so I have been told. 😐
  21. He not only plays guitar with his feet, he plays piano with his barely-formed upper extremities.
  22. Just got in from New Hampshire last night. My sister Margaret died at her home on Friday evening. We were all with her when she passed. We had a Priest come up from Pepperrell to give her last rites (Anointing the Sick and Reconciliation), and it seemed to bring her and hers grown kids some measure of acceptance and peace. She died an hour later. Ugly business, this dying of lung cancer. Sad too. The cigarettes had a powerful hold on Margaret. She had smoked a pack a day since she was 14, I reckon. She quit almost two years ago, and dabbled in the vaping thing, but the cancers were already in her, and slowly growing and spreading. I'm proud of everyone who quits the cigs, and gives them up for good. God bless you for taking that other fork in the road, and staying on track. 😗
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