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  1. I have just been looking on eBay and seen a one with the exact same neck as yours. The body was a greenish colour and the neck is blue, so reckon it must be fairly common issue
  2. Keep it mate, bet there's not another one in the world like that lol.
  3. Just purchased a les Paul signature t which i am very happy with but whilst shopping around I noticed one of these on the net for a ridiculous cheap price of £440 with the etune system. I Imagine the etune is worth around £100 and the bag £40 so all in all it seems like a good deal. The only thing I am worried about is the neck size as I have small hands and the neck diving with the etune system on it. I have a epiphone sg 400 pro at present and the neck on that is like a baseball bat so can't imagine the gibson will be as bad as that one. Cheers
  4. Just wondering about peoples thoughts on this model. I realise it isn't fully glossed on the back etc but all the ones I have seen on eBay seem well priced and have lovely tops on them. Cheers
  5. That's stunning. I nearly bought one for £800 new but went for a new signature T les Paul for the same price as my first gibson. If I see a cheap secondhand one then I would be tempted.
  6. Thanks mate. Really like it, hopefully they sort the electrics. I will most likely get an exchange. For £800 brand new for a gibson les Paul with the spec it has, don't think you can beat that.
  7. Thanks for the reply guys. It sounds like a grounding issue as when I touch the bridge or tail piece it goes quite, when I touch the pickups with my hand it goes loud. Also seems to be a small hairline crack close to the binding on the cutaway. Looking through past posts on here I noticed a lad had exactly the same issue with his cracking in the same place. He also bought his from thomann as a uk buyer, so I am hoping that's just a coincidence. Really gutted because apart from these issues it plays very well and the fret board and maple top are beautiful. Cheers
  8. Greetings all. I am a new member after discovering the board yesterday and have to say what a superb board this is. I have just purchased a signature T in alpine white burst. It's an excellent guitar and my first gibson. Always dreamed of owning a gibson and I have finally managed to get one. First impressions are good, and all seems fine with the guitar, however I have noticed that there is a fair bit of hum noise when I am plugged into my amps. I have a vox nightrain 15w and a blackstar ht 5. I compared it to an epiphone sg 400 pro I have and it's pickups produce no noise at all. I have checked the wiring inside where the volume and tone knobs are but can't see any loose connections although if I touch the side off the pickups when either are selected the him increases. If I press the strings down a little the him decreases. Is this just due to them being open coil and a higher output so it's just something I should accept. I would say they are still quitter than single coils. Thanks
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