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  1. Well...I didn’t have to make much of a decision on tuner swap. Just realized stock ones have screw holes on the side where as most tuners I want have screws on the bottom. Too bad... If anyone know of vintage style tuners that will cover the side screw holes, let me know. Thanks!
  2. Change the tuner? Yay or nay? These are Mini Grover which is fine. I’m just not sure about Gold hardware on my guitars...
  3. I have owned over dozen Gibson Acoustics over the years. I think I’m the minority here when I say this but all My Gibson’s thus far sounded better with TUSQ saddle. I tried bone many times only to return to TUSQ. Maybe because I’m just a strummer but TUSQ to me sounded more crisp and woody which my ears prefer. I just bought a Songwriter Deluxe and it came with bone saddle. Guess what? I have custom radiused TUSQ on order. 🙂
  4. No other than SONGWRITER itself of course! 🙂 Just got it and like it very much so far. Review to follow in few days. navigate to shell gas station navigate to shell gas station www woodforest com locations
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  6. ZERO SANDING, BUFFING, REAMING, and BUYING REDUCTION BUSHING! Took only 30 Minutes total from opening the package to playing my guitar. I have seen many J-45 tuner swap threads on AGF and Gibson forum lately. I assume this is because Rotomatics on modern J45 just looks wrong on this otherwise iconic guitar not to mention it's added weight. Yes, Rotomatics function well but some of us do care about aesthetics and weight of guitar. My J45 Tuner journey started with looking into Waverley's, Tonepros, and other vintage looking tuners. However most I found required press in reduction bushing and additional work to remove the "raccoon" eyes caused by washer in Rotomatics. I know these are small amount of work to some but I really wanted minimal straight swap so I decided to look further. Also to my surprise some did not like the function and design of the vintage style open gear tuners such as Waverly tuners and thought threaded were superior by design. This is when I came across Gotoh SXN510(V). It looks just like your typical Vintage tuner. However it was threaded design. The description on Gotoh web states these were made to be a straight swap to Rotomatics. It's lighter in weight, vintage looks, threaded design, and minimal mod (ZERO SANDING, BUFFING, REAMING, BUYING REDUCTION BUSHING) won me over. :) https://g-gotoh.com/international/product/sxn510v.html Gotoh SXN510(v) was lighter, looked appropriate (in my eyes), and least amount of mod I found. Please see pics! No, this tuner is not the exact tuners you see on vintage J-45's. However it's lot closer than Rotomatics and I am ok with that. I ordered these from: https://www.philadelphialuthiertools.com windows screenshot tool
  7. Hi, Making me a small pedal board for acoustic guitar use. Mostly play worship church music. I’m having difficult time deciding on a Reverb as there are sooo many choices. Kind of thinking Neunaber Immerse as Youtube demo sounds very nice to my ears and some of the options on the pedal seems fund to play with. But perhaps more for electric??? Please let me know what your favorite reverb pedal is for acoustic playing? Cheers!
  8. Here you go. The description actually stated replacement for Rotomatics. https://g-gotoh.com/international/product/sxn510.html From the Gotoh web link: “It is said that the performance and durability of open-gear machine heads is inferior to sealed-gear (Rotomatic) types. Because the bushing is physically separate from the machine head body it is difficult to accurately position the string post through it when mounting onto the guitar. To solve these problems the SXB510 series includes a centering guide at the base of the body to ensure a flush fit combined with Rock Solid string posts. Also, the SXN510 series employs a nut mount system and can be installed as a direct replacement into the same holes drilled for Rotomatic style tuners. The improved performance and durability which the SX510 series provides, thanks to GOTOH’s unique design and manufacturing, gives you the chance to experience a sound you’ve never heard before.“
  9. Anyone mention Sal yet? If not he may be interested. I think he buys one of those every other month. :)
  10. Oh wow!!! That’s just stunning to me. Is that yours? Is it standard model with two tone burst? It almost look 3 tone burst with lots of yellow in the middle. Is the Photo processed in anyways? Geez... so perfect and love the picture.
  11. Finally got me a J-45...again. Had few J45’s in the past and I don’t know why I ever sold them...well I am hopeful this one will stick around. Perhaps just me but it seems burst has gotten better recently. Or maybe mine is just special :) Also to note, 2018 case is now brown as shown in picture and case candy has changed. No more pack of strings but now they include a strap, pick holder, towel, and most important... TRUSSROD TOOL!!! In the past it was pain to find one local thin enough to fit. I’m glad it’s included now. Also I don’t recall from the other ones I have owned but the body binding on this one is but more yellow in person. Me like it! Tone? Did I mention mine is special?!?! :D Question: anyone know what the stock strings are? It’s no longer the Gibson master built 80/20 it seems to me. It’s darker color such as PB. Cheers! image post
  12. Which do you prefer on J-45/SJ? Vintage burst sort of looks like a two tone burst and sunset burst 3 tone burst...I think.
  13. But But But that Burst is just so beautiful..!
  14. You see I have this wonderful sounding 2003 J50. Had played few 2016 J-45 in the past and this J-50 sounded better than most newer ones I have played. However I can't help but wanting a Sunburst guitar such as J-45. I just love the burst look especially once it has little age and and play wear with scuffs, sings and marks. Not to mention I have 4 acoustic guitar and they are all natural finish! I need at least one burst in my stable, no? If I need to change(sell/trade/buy) one of my four guitars in to burst, it should he J-45, no? I'm just bit hesitant of selling this J-50... and no I can not have both J-45 and J50. Thanks
  15. Hi, Anyone own or played Advanced Jumbo with Adirondack top? I am primarily strummer sing along player play mostly at home on couch and occasionally at a Church playing worship music. In the past I have owned few Collings because I really wanted to like it only to realize it would constantly compete with my voice so I sold them off time and time again. Great guitars but in my opinion it needed to be pushed to really shine...the way I play it anyways. I really like guitars that shine with light soft touch at times and bark when it needs to. I really liked Gibson Songwriter for this and I still may go that direction but I want to try something new and need a nice burst in my life. Hence I'm looking at Gibson AJ now but read from many old posts that AJ are loud and great flat picker blue grass guitar. Which is how I would describe Collings Dread(again, just my opinion). AJ seems to come in Adirondack and Sitka. Anyone who've tried Adirondack on this model care to comment on how well it may work with singer/strummer? Soft playing on couch at late night? Yes I'm aware any guitar can be played soft and sing along and the player needs to try in person before buying. Meanwhile, I'm asking if you had experience with AJ with Adi and if you think it will shine for the purpose mentioned. Cheers!
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