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  1. there isnt a string I haven't broke in my 30+ years playing.
  2. Asking only workman's wages I come looking for a job But I get no offers, Just a come-on from the whores on Seventh Avenue I do declare, there were times when I was so lonesome I took some comfort there
  3. If you knew it was a Google ad then why did you title this thread MSNBC Supports counterfeit guitar makers?
  4. 498T are my favorite because of the growl they get
  5. During the many years he lived in Colorado I met and talked to him (Ginger) many times he is a nice enough guy but definitely has a sever grumpy side. He lived in Parker just south of Denver and showed up backstage at many gigs when I was working in staging and backline.
  6. thats not very obscure as far as 70's punk bands go
  7. Another problem thats common. If it takes you a half hour to set up you need to shorten your set you don't still get your 45 min. The other bands still get their time slot.
  8. I'm not a religious man but I also do not take offence to someone offering me a prayer {or a payer Cali :P } I still see it as a nice thought. For the record I'm in no immediate danger from my condition but I need the means to keep close tabs on it and I haven't been able to do that for awhile. And to now be able to have such a high level of practice working to keep me as healthy as possible is great. Thanks for all the support.
  9. Being that I now live about 15 miles from the clinic I think I'll be fine leaving it at home
  10. Thanks all I'm pretty exited I had no real expectation of them excepting me into the program. So when it was confirmed yesterday I was blown away.
  11. My wife filled out an application on the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville web site. They called us the next day and accepted me into one of their programs at their cardiac clinics. For those who don't know I was stabbed in the heart 15 years ago and have had complications over the past few years putting me on disability. I have not been able to see a cardiologist for over two years not having insurance. The program is free to me due to my limited income and chronic condition. I'm very exited to be able to see a doctor on a regular basis.
  12. I don't eat at McDonalds anyway other than the occasional beverage. I will not touch their burgers I think they are disgusting.
  13. I drove myself mad trying to learn that song when I was younger just never quite got it to flow right. Damn.
  14. Yes the TC is the best chorus pedal out there and has been for a long long time.
  15. What does this have to do with poor people?
  16. $130 pair of Bose and I'm completely content.
  17. I did it all the time for years and years and I can't here just fine
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