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  1. Love it Buc. Any chance you can share the chords?
  2. Beautifully done mate. That J-45 sure does sing and I loved the vocals. Keep the songs coming!
  3. Just thought I'd share a photo of my two babies. Feel free to add your own pics to the thread. I'm sure this has been done to death around here but seriously, who doesnt like looking at guitars!
  4. Thanks for sharing. Interesting read.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I'm sure its not a fake and as I said earlier I think I was just being a little paranoid about it. I've taken it to my luthier for a full set up as the action was a little high. It was hard to part with it but I know the few days without it will be worth it.
  6. Not great photos. I havent had a chance to take some good ones but gives you an idea of what the guitar is like.
  7. I've played this thing for a few hours today now and if it is a fake, I want to know who made it because its the best damn acoustic guitar I've ever played lol. I think my fears are a little irrational here but feel free to alleviate them!
  8. I picked up a 2011 Gibson Hummingbird True Vintage today and I'm starting to have a few little doubts about its authenticity. I'm hoping its just paranoia. Its looks and sounds amazing and the logo looks the real deal, the craftsmanship also looks top notch but just a few little things are bugging me. For instance the tuning pegs dont have Gibson Deluxe written on the back of them and the truss rod cover doesnt say Hummingbird. Did Gibson make this particular model without these details? Also, there is a small black fabric velcro loop inside the guitar that seems to have no apparent use considering the guitar has no pickup. Im hoping someone can help me with this?
  9. Thanks 4Hayden, its a nice guitar but needed some work. Just got it back today from a luthier, had a fret level and full set up done and the neck now plays like a dream!
  10. Picked up a 1993 Gibson Chet Atkins Tennessean today. Cleaned her up and restrung it, may need a proper set up but very happy with the buy! Hard to find accurate info on the guitars specs though. Anyone else have one of these or know much about them?
  11. You wouldnt happen to have tab you can share for the song would you?
  12. Great job! This has to be one of my favourite songs ever, especially good when I've had a few too many scotches for some reason...
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