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  2. I added one of Bobby Lee's screwless pickguards to my 2003 Fireburst Studio (and it's totally removable with no damage). I've gotten a lot of compliments on how it gives it a more timeless look plus it does protect the finish, too!
  3. Gee wizzzz.....do you want to play it or show it????? (I'm sure I'll catch hell for this one!) Sorry, but I read these posts and wonder what motivates those to buy what they buy! If you got money to burn, and want to show others that you have it (or look like you have it) , then by all means spend as much as you can for that Standard or even a Custom Les Paul. If you like to collect guitars, just buy one of everything if you can afford it! If you want something to play, and don't want to be afraid to use it and not just show it, you can get a Studio Les Paul. You will not be thought of as anything less! You will still have the same quality guitar at you fingertips! If you keep an eye on the used market, you'll find either one (and likely in dang near new condition) at half the price of a new one. (usually those that originally bought it new and are selling because they can't play it, or couldn't afford it). After looking and trying out many Les Pauls over a year span, I bought a used 2003 Gibson Les Paul Studio (Firemist with Gold hardware + orig. hard case) in excellent condition for $600. The gold hardware is now starting to wear off in places from use (a new one would have done the same). I get my use from it and no regrets, and it plays and sounds great! (A Standard wouldn't have made me a better player). But whatever you do, please get what YOU like because it makes YOU happy, and not because you think you'll be accepted by the masses. Make yourself happy, and to hell with what everyone else prefers.
  4. If the hole pattern is an identical match, I say use the larger screws. What's the worse case senario? You might want to put the original screws back in for originality? If you were really concerned about origionality, I'd be safe to assume you would have replaced the jack plate with an original Gibson replacement.
  5. Hey RRIDER... I can't see your pics in the original post any more????? What happened?
  6. Hmmmm...... -New black pickguard........ $20 -Changing a pickguard from black to white..... another $20 -Changing switchplate, knobs & PU rings to match white pickguard......... another $35 -Buy your own Les Paul Studio and do what YOU like...... aprox. $1300 (more or less) -Getting a divorce over a stupid pickguard............. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ -Just leave it the way she likes it........ P R I C E L E S S ! ! ! ! ! (it didn't take me 35 years of marrage to figure that one out!)
  7. If ya had to, you could go with the clear pickguard..... protect to wood without hiding it!
  8. (RRIDER: I don't know how many of you are married, but IF MOMMA AINT HAPPY, KNOW ONE IS! Besides, If I get to reclaim it, the PG comes off in less than 2 minutes and leaves no signs of one ever being on it) Your only choice would be a black pg unless you want to change the switchplate & pu rings, too! BUT I HEAR YA !!! You listen to your Mama. Maybe later you'll get your way.... Good Luck!
  9. I know a lot of you seem to object to a pickguard, especially on a fireburst studio. I have an '03 Fireburst Studio with the gold hardware but with the cream pickup rings and switchplate. I got one of those "screwless" pickguards from BobbyLee... http://www.bobbyleesignatureseries.com The quality is excellent, they are affordable, and they look like the OEM pickguards for a Les Paul. But even more important, if you decide you don't like it, just take it off! It is totally reversible because there is NO drilling to the guitar. It uses the pickup screws as the method of mounting. And it is very sturdy, too. I was reluctant to add a pickguard because I also felt it didn't look right, but I still wanted to protect the finish from those occasional wild gigs. Looking at yours with the black accents, a black pickguard may seem to take away from it, possibly because too much black seems to overwhelm it. But as I said, mine has the cream accents and the gold speedknobs and the matching cream pickguard gave it a more classic look. (The camera flash made the PG look real white, but in real life it's actually cream colored.). In the long run, do what you like. The choice is yours. But at least with these pickguards, you can take it off if you later decide you don't like it. It's your call!
  10. Yeah... after taking a little time to research these on the internet, I'm finding they kinda follow the Fender "Starcaster" series and usually include a cheap amp & accessories. Sounds like even the Squiers are way further up the "Quality" ladder! I know once in a while someone claims they found a real good one and are surprised the quality is almost par with the more professional line. I hear that in the Fender forums all the time. I'm not knocking Korean/India made guitars, cause you get what you pay for! But those that buy these cheapies, and then upgrade pu's and parts to make it a quality player may just as well start out with a good model and forget these "starter" guitars. It doesn't really pay in the long run. Thanks for your responses.....
  11. I'm somewhat new to Gibson guitars so I'm not that familiar with their product lines, but I happened to be looking for a used LP on Craigslist and ran across this...... http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/msg/1432008742.html and the specific link it points to.... http://www.gibson.com/en%2Dus/Divisions/Maestro/Electrics/Single%20Cutaway%20Carvetop/ I don't recall ever seeing any of this line at GC or other music shops. Are these "Maestro by Gibson" guitars equivilant to the"Squier by Fender" guitar line? ... kinda meant to reach the more affordable minded (cheap?) buyers. Obviously they can't be compared to the regular Gibson line in terms of quality, but, just like Fender Squiers, some models can be quite competitive as to how well made they are for the price. Are they worth it, or just wait and go straight for a real Gibson? Any comments or comparisons would be helpful. Thanks
  12. After having my used 2003 Les Paul Studio (Fireburst w/gold HW) for about a year, I just discovered it has a push-pull pot for the bridge tone control. It doesn't do anything different so I opened it up and verified nothing is connected (although the posts were soldered at one time. Could this have been there when new, or likely the previous owner modded it (or tried to). Since it's there, what can I use it for... Comments or Suggestions???? -Five-
  13. I'm new to the Gibson forum, so this sounded like a good place to jump in! My vote goes for the screwless pickguard! I ordered one about a month ago for a Fireburst Studio LP I picked up used and needed some cosmetic restoration. I had to replaced some abused gold hardware but it never had a pickguard installed (ie: no drilled holes). The guitar finish was in great shape so I opted for The BobbyLee Signature Pickguard. It really is solid and the installation is clean. No regrets whatsoever!!!! http://s167.photobucket.com/albums/u143/Aces_x_5/?action=view&current=StudioLP5.jpg -Five-
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