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  1. Vintage sunburst because I couldn't get / afford / not willing to pay for an original 1964 with Iced Tea burst and my playing is no where good enough to warrant it and I'm not a guitar collector. The naturals I've seen I've not liked at all and cherry doesn't do it for me either, haha. Really pleased with the VS.
  2. Casino MIC 2014 owner here, raws all you'll get, you may struggle to get a clean tone out of the Epi P90's, depending on your amp, I found them to be well overwound and was well pleased to swap them out for something half the output, more in keeping with a 60's P90 spec.
  3. This may help, more than words. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/74036-gibson-neck-profiles/page__view__findpost__p__1360076 But trying the epi special in store would be much better.
  4. +1, the finish on my 2014 MIC Casino is just that to my eyes, applied sparingly, much better than the earlier Peerless Songbird I have which looks much more glassy and over done.
  5. Personal choice, just stops scratches from your pick, couldn't wait to get the guard off my Casino and Peerless songbird, totally lame, spoils the appearance and with a poly finish although it scratches its a tough finish. Guess it depends on how precious you are about a what are inexpensive guitars anyway.
  6. Same here when enlarging the holes for upgrading from alpha pots to Area 59 CTS pots on a Casino, didn't have a reamer so hand turned a 10mm drill bit, considered using a battery power drill, then came to my senses before risking screwing it up.
  7. Bought a 2014 Casino VS, replaced pickups for Creamery Classic 61's, rewired with Area 59 CTS pots, Switchcraft long through switch and jack, PIO Russian caps, 50's wiring schematic, TUSQ nut, Stringsaver graphtec saddles, full setup, removed pickguard, new tuners and still came in more cost effective than any other version I could find. Great guitar. All the talk of old Korean vs new Chinese is IMHO null and void apart from neck profile preference.
  8. Try them both and decide on the ones in front of you? I had this dilema over new MIC and old Korean Casino (Peerless) at very similar price, all the advice from years gone by about Korean vs old MIC no doubt are true but not now in my limited experience, there was nothing vintage about the Korean, playability and finish of the MIC was as good, parts in the Korean were no different, certainly no better, went with the MIC. On paper the PRO you'd expect to be better but try the ones available against the korean and decide?
  9. rjc0

    casino case

    As others no it doesn't and if then considering the Epiphone cade I'd look further a field. I have the Epiphone case and feel the locking clasps are a little rough, lightweight and sharp underneath when opening them a feeling the underside, Also I think the covering is a bit soft and thin, teared through already where the case has had knocks just going to and from van in under 12 months.
  10. And one more link, various CTS LOG/Audio pot tapers, http://www.ctscorp.com/components/Datasheets/450g.pdf , not all CTS LOG / Audio pots are the same taper, like with some other manufacturers, they offer various tapers all of which affect just how much control you get from your Tone or Volume controls, for better, for worse depending on how you set / use them, personal choice. :)
  11. Link to description of TVT Area 59 custom CTS pots: http://www.crazyparts.de/electronics/cts-tvt-custom-pots/
  12. A1Coyote, its very unlikely that your alpha tone pot is linear, they are 'always' log/audio on Epiphones, Gibson's etc, its the volume control where the variation occurs, the crass rule of thumb is for guitars at lower price aimed at bedroom players have linear volume, higher priced aimed at gigging musicians have all log/audio pots. There are other factors as well such as wiring scheme, modern where the tone control affects the sound after the volume and tends to attenuate or suck high end treble or 50's wiring where the volume control is last and more high end treble is passed through. If you're going to buy parts, suggest going to a reputable dealer with full proper description of the parts and pot model number stamped on, full size brass shafts and bushes, Bakelite track, smooth operation etc. BTW alphas are marked A & B underneath with the name, that will suggest whether it's linear or log, but not always 100% accurate.
  13. If replacing pots, take care CTS means very little, they make a range of pots from diecast alloy with silk screened track and low tolerances no better than the stock alphas, brass versions with a proper 'bakelite' track for just a bit more but with a audio/log taper that is less than ideal, to custom made ie: Crazy Parts Germany, high tolerance, true vintage taper for a bit more. Buyer beware there are companies out there stating CTS as if gold standard but selling the low end at inflated prices, so be careful, but ripping out seems a bit overkill for this situation. Changing capacitor type ie: from cheap stock to paper in oil will make no difference to sound, changing capacitor value will, a little. Saying that I went for Russian PIO myself.:)
  14. The tolerance you mention is how accurate to the stated 500k the pot is described as, so if you put a meter on and read the real resistance of the pot it might be 470k or 520k in reality. That's the tolerance, it only really comes 'problem' when you have two or more tone pots with low manufacturer tolerance and think they are matched, no real problem if you buy a handful and meter read them and group in pairs of close resistance. So long answer short, yes you may notice a difference. The more interesting part is taper, linear pots are a straight taper, audio / log pots have varying tapers depending on manufacturer, fwiw I rewired my Casino removing the four cheap alpha pots 2x linear volume, 2x audio tone and replaced with 4x high tolerance vintage taper Area 57 pots from Crazy Parts in Germany also did the 50's wiring scheme. Fun to do with a Casino / ES330 :)
  15. From the bit of research I did before changing mine, wanting a brighter 60's sounding Casino than an earlier version I went for 7.5k neck and 8.3k at the bridge, all years are suggested between 7 & 9k. However authentically its said pre 70's Casino pick ups didn't do different outputs for neck or bridge. I also went for Alinco 5 magnets for the chimey rather than fatter sound suggested from Alinco 2 or 3 magnets. Also had mine potted in beeswax mix.
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