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  1. Yea it's a little pricey but you get a free date with Anna.
  2. That is a funny interview because he said working with the big names in a studio was disappointing. I read a print interview where he said he hated being a session musician because back then no one would let him use distortion. He obviously felt restrained
  3. Use the Chibson as a project guitar to train on. All the time we have pickers in here ask how to repair a ding on their beautiful LP. Don't do your 1st repair on a real LP. Use the Chibson. Don't install your 1st bone nut on a real LP use the Chibson. Most mechanics 1st learned on Briggs and Stratton engines not 427 Chevy V8s. Surgeons started operating on pigs not patients.
  4. Burt and Dom Deloise did a funny movie called The End.
  5. It was popular in the 60s to strip finishes.
  6. I used a set of Kent Armstrong dog ear chrome P90s on my Epi Casino. They were drop-in They use 42awg coil wire and A5 magnets. KAs are respected by jazz players. They are made in Korea. Mine were 8.1ko and 8.15ko. They cost half what Gibson P90s cost but sound daringly similar
  7. Do not try to straighten tuners on your headstock. Use an old cheap guitar to remount it on or use a plank to remount it on. Then get large pliers and grab the button to try to bend the shaft back.
  8. Sounds like youre measuring exactly half their true value. You may have wired them wrong.
  9. Richards ran acoustics through a cheap cassette player because it gave a bizarre distortion sound.
  10. It's a trip reading how Richards got those sounds on record. Don't expect to go buy that same guitar and hear the same sound. He ran them through the darndest things to get unique tones. He cheated you might say.
  11. There are a lot of very well written books on the instruments the Rolling Stones, Beatles and others used used. One thing that amazes me is the maple caps on LPs. They have flaws. Very few are perfect. Flametops look great in spots and underwhelming in other spots. I don't think the musicians looking for bursts to play cared about flametop evenness. There weren't enough to be had to be picky. There is one LP Mick Taylor and Richards shared that I can spot because of a light area on the cap.
  12. JL - John Lennon You have Casino with Gibson P90s
  13. Those are stress fractures in the gold paint from somebody forcing the knobs onto their shafts. Better to drill them out so they fit on without force being required. Gold paint uses copper which tends to crack. Just ignore the fractures but don't use force on gold paint anymore. Gold paint is unique and requires delicate handling.
  14. Generally on that end of the fretboard most cracks are caused by the truss rod bolt. Those look like stress fractures that have become visable.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCOqXdAjaN4You may have flex in the top under the Bigsby causing tuning issues. I had an issue with a Casino top that had sunk like a cake. I cut a small cube of Maple and slid it in the body. It is basically a sound pole like fine Violins use. Try this under the Bigsby. You won't need glue. I didn't use a round dowel. I used a square block which I cut from a Maple board.. Took 15 mins to do.
  16. What problems did your Casino have?
  17. Zentar


    Don't be afraid to get a new nut installed by a luthier. I do a lot of work on guitars but I'm not a luthier so I still use luthier services. A new nut isn't expensive. A luthier can also identify why your SG slides out of tune. A luthier has the skills you need to get your SG on a stage which I think is what you really want..
  18. Jacks are typical noise issue creators. They are cave man simple and basically they are springs pushing up against the cable lead tip. Eyeball the connection to be sure it contacts snugly but not so much that it becomes tough to disconnect. I'll use needle nose pliers if I need to tweak the jack contacts. It is what it is.
  19. How old are the black Richtex Trees?
  20. There is more to it than Rosewood shortages. Just look at what has gone on recently. Grazing land is off limits to cattle ranchers due to cattle being a threat to the Desert Tortoise yet the Desert Tortoise evolved along side Buffalo for millions of years. A Buffalo is a type of cattle. Coal was denied to us. Oil pipelines blocked. Water resources diverted away from farming in favor of elusive minnows. Many times it is just a matter of unelected government officials in distant bureaucracies who enjoy telling other people how to live. Then they drive home in their Lexus and eat a sumptuous steak meal off their huge Rosewood dinner table and then take a 20 minute shower and then sleep warm and cozy in their heated 5000 sq ft home..
  21. they were my favorite band in high school. I was still buying their T-shirt in 77 when I found out that Ham had been dead two years and I never heard about it. Prior to internet it was harder to keep up with news of British bands particularly with school, homework. sports, work and stuff. It was a stunner. I thought it felt like a dirty trick or being robbed or fooled. I was waiting on a new album that never showed.
  22. Loosen slightly hex screw and cap to adjust. The locking caps can snap off if those two things are too tight. There isn't a lot of metal there. They aren't studs you would use on a battleship.
  23. That pickup looks suspiciously like a single coil De'Armand P13 pickup. I have a 1957 Harmony with a P13 like that. Gibson and De'Armand used to make the P13 and it was hard to tell which was made by De'Aemond and which was made by Gibson. You may have a Gibson P13 there. They are expensive to buy now. You can find them but they are not common now. Definitely vintage equipment.http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/csQAAOSw4CFY0WXN/s-l1600.jpg Here is a variant of the P13 but really the same pickup you have. Some varieties put the cover over the pole screws and some didn't. Depends if they are 40s made or 50s made. Gibson or De'Armond made. The P13 predates the P90. The P13 is from the mid 40s but used into the 60s..
  24. OMG! Let's don't get into spelling and grammar. Or is it grammer?
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