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  1. Looks great, doesn't it? That price is SCARY though.
  2. This is a fun website... http://dan-ball.jp/en/javagame/dust/
  3. Seeing as most everyone in this forum owns an SG, what is the exact total lenth and width (at it's widest part) of the guitar?
  4. They coming back to the US soon? I just missed them a few months ago when they were playing here, and believe me, I wasn't happy about it at all. They're my favorite band and I gotta see them live!
  5. I was 7 and it was some electric that didn't even had a brand name, lol. Still plays pretty good, though. :(
  6. Thanks everyone for the input; definitely clears things up. Obviously it depends greatly upon the type of sg. Thanks!
  7. Mercurine

    Neck Heavy?

    Apparently, most SGs are notorious for being neck heavy. Well, what do you guys here think? I'm of smaller build, so the lighter the better, and I was curious about the AY SG in particular. I'm thinking that's the one I might go for later once I'm able to purchase one, and thanks to those who filled me in on it!
  8. Thanks so much guys. You really know your stuff! When I get around to buying the AY SG, I'll definitely keep you two in mind. Thanks for all the advice!
  9. If I do decide to buy the AY SG, would purchasing it off of ebay be a good idea? Or is there a better place to buy one?
  10. I think that's what I'll go with. Granted, I still have a while before I get the money. Most Gibsons cost a pretty penny, lol.
  11. Sorry I haven't been replying! This crappy computer has been on the fritz lately. Anyway, I think I've gotten it narrowed down an Sg Standard and the Angus Young SG. Big time AC/DC fan, so I'm leaning a bit toward the AY SG.
  12. Wow, really nice GuitarJunkie. I'll definitely take that one into consideration!
  13. I was actually thinking about getting the Angus Sig SG. Didn't particularly like how his name was spelt "Anguz" on the guitar, but I heard it was a good SG nonetheless.
  14. Out of your opinion, what is the best Gibson SG? As in, best sound and quality. Price doesn't particularly matter, but if it is reasonably cheap, that's definitely a plus.
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