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  1. What do CIJ Jags go for these days? I still have mine from 1996.
  2. If ESP sold the Iron Cross for $10k, God knows what Gibson would charge. Regular LP custom is over $3k for standard model and there's too many LP models as is. Give me Hetfield Signature Explorer for around $2,000. It can be done if they sold the 84 "reissue" for $1,500. Same model: Put in the EMG Het Set, Sperzel locking tuners, Tone Pros bridge, move the strap buttons. Available in White or Black. Done. You're welcome, Gibson.
  3. Curses and cranberries! I don't have the option to minus your comment. Soooooooooo MINUS
  4. I was just listening to him yesterday. Damn. On the plus side, he lived a long life and accomplished much. RIP
  5. Someoone forgot to take their Midol today...............oops...that comment might get me suspended. 7 of my 16 guitars have trems...0 have tuning issues. You have been doing it wrong. But I'm not a heavy user.
  6. I like to mix alcohol and play...my KDR is only 64.4% at the moment...prestige level 29...not very good at the game. I play for the tom-foolery...not a good person to have in your caln.
  7. My next guitar will be an Ibanez prestige 7 string. LOVE those necks
  8. Ha! Plain and simple...people love to hate, ***** and complain. I love guitars. I love good beer.
  9. I bought the PGM100RE. Those J craft wizard pro necks are butter. The ESP KH2 can be found cheap. I got a used one w/ HSC for $1,350 as a bday present to myself last year.
  10. I tried the LTD Kirk Hammett guitars...bought the ESP...worth the extra money. My Ibanez Paul Gilbert sig was worth every penny.
  11. Finally saw the KH V this week. Not into the worn signature guitars. Not even the KH relic (caution-HOT) one. Paying extra money for someone to bang up a new guitar? No thanks. Plus, V's are boring for me. Flooded the market w/ signature LPs and SGs and a handful of Vs. Only EXP is f-ing Sammy Hagar...boooo.
  12. $h!t, dude. that sucks. Local Sam Ash had one for a week or two. This late? I'd be furious and cancel that b!tch.
  13. Not for that kind of money. Gimme a reasonably priced explorer instead. Can't have enough of those. I play lead guitar in Metallica tribute band (using ESP KH-2 most of the time) but prefer James Hetfield's guitars (got modded Gibson Explorer, Ken Lawrence replica and ESP Truckster). I know it annoys our singer
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