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  1. I'm getting great tone with my Dr Z MAZ 18. 18 watts of pure magic. I'm also pretty impressed with a Peavey Classic 30. For the money ($399 on sale a while back at GC) it really packs a punch. I had a Music Man 65 watt 2 10's that was also a joy to play with. So may amps, so little money. Mike
  2. Well. I did a pretty thorough cleaning and polishing with the Virtuoso products and I'm very happy with the results. I removed the pick guard, bridge, tail piece and truss rod cover to get better access to the finish. I also oiled the fret board and used metal polish on the hard parts. I bought the guitar used a few weeks ago and wanted to tidy it up. I also change to my string gauge (9 to 42's) and had to intonate. It was necessary to turn a couple of bridge saddles around to get it just right, but it's spot on now. I'm really enjoying this 335. I've wanted one for years. It was worth the wait. Cheers, Mike
  3. Yes I have, I also like the Z Wreck combo. If it's good enough for Brad Paisley, Joe Walsh and Walter Becker, it's certainly good enough for me. Cheers
  4. I'm using a Dr Z MAZ 18. Plenty of power and fantastic tone. Works great with any guitar. Cheers
  5. I'm new to the classic 57's but I'm having a ball with them and my Wampler Paisley. You can get a lot of different sounds with it. Cheers
  6. I only have 4 and they're all out on stands. They don't really sit still long enough to get dusty. I practice every day and never know which one I'll pick up. Cheers
  7. MojoMike


    That is one outstanding example of a Les Paul! Rock on! Cheers
  8. You can't go wrong with either. Cheers
  9. Beautiful instrument! Cheers
  10. I have a couple of lower power tube amps that are very easy to get good tones at lower volume. The Dr Z (18 watts) has an attenuator and the Classic 30 has a vol pot in the effects loop. Both get great tones without being too loud. Both are pretty easy to carry as well. At my age less is more. Cheers, Mike
  11. MojoMike

    Best Guitar Tuner

    I use a Poly Tune 2 for live application. When you turn it on it stops the signal from going to your amp so you can tune without bothering anyone. You can also check all 6 strings at once then go the string that needs attention to fine tune. Completely automatic with just an on-off stomp switch. It also has a photo cell to adjust brightness. It can be use outdoors with no problem being seen. Mike
  12. I ordered some Virtuoso cleaner and polish. When it arrives, I plan to remove as much as I can from the 335 and do a thorough cleaning and polishing. I also want to polish the nickel bridge, stop bar and Grover tuners. What do you guys use for that? How thin is the nickel plating? It still has the (relatively new) strings it came with but I'll be doing a re-string, set up and intonation as well. I'm really enjoying this guitar and can't wait to see how good it can look and play. Mike
  13. MojoMike

    335 ID help

    Thank you Jayz! Mike
  14. MojoMike

    335 ID help

    I'm an old guy but relatively new to Gibsons. I have a 2000 335 ESDT s/n 01090584. I was told it was made in Nashville. What pickups were standard for that year. Is it a reissue? Doesn't really matter because it is a fantastic instrument and I'm really enjoying playing it. Just trying to learn a little more about it. Thanks, Mike
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