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  1. You could ask for a photo of the serial and check that if you have concerns. I'm no expert either but it's hard to see details from these photos. Looks like a nice guitar and in good shape too. I wouldn't be worried about it coming in a mismatched case, they seem to ship from the factory with whatever fits.
  2. AnOctopus

    New 339!

    Huh... wonder if the inscriber read it upside down and messed up the last 6/9. Are you sure it's a ES-339 and not a ES-336? Nice guitar!
  3. Love those favorite sayings at the end. Post photos!
  4. +1 for the 335 or check out the 339, the "compact cousin," which might be better if you want something a little smaller with similar sound. Try out some guitars and see what you like.
  5. Cool! I really like the guard around the knobs (knobguard?), but the electronics look unnecessarily close together. The black outline looks nice too. Congrats!
  6. Really doubtful there's damage to your guitar. If you wanted to check, plug it into a different amp and see if you get the same problems. As for your amp, I'd try to figure out why the power tube blew in the first place and what else might have been damaged when that happened. Might be more than a couple resistors.
  7. Well, it really is up to you. For what it's worth, I love my 2015 ES-335. I don't think there is anything they could do in a 2016 model that would make me want to trade. It's not like a cell phone where I wish I'd waited a few months for the next big thing. Find what you love and go for that.
  8. I've noticed the same loose feeling on my new '15 335 with Grover tuners, probably the same as yours. It stays in tune great and I love the tone so I don't have much motivation to mess with it. But when I do go to tune it, I'm not a fan of that feeling. I may end up looking into the 18:1 ratio tuners. Thanks for the info guys.
  9. Please post with any updates. Now I want to know how this ends! Sorry I don't have any advice for you except to agree with the others and contact Gibson direct.
  10. When I was shopping for 335s (new) I saw them come with an assortment of cases. Brown with black liner, brown with pink liner, black Custom case with black liner, etc. It kinda seems like they just use whatever cases are around.
  11. What is it about the Carlton you like above the standard 335? Differences I see are the finish and the pickups. The Carlton has the '57 Classics whereas the 2015 335 has BurstBuckers. You can find some comparative videos for the pickups if you dig around. I'm loving the 2015 myself, even though I actually preferred the tone of the 57s.
  12. That's awesome. I've had similar experiences with my new 335, used only in practice at home so far though. Set the tone and volume where you want and let the guitar play itself! I curious what you mean with the finish on the neck. It was satin, but now it's glossy? Is it getting polished from playing all night? Do you think the top would get glossy if your arm were rubbing on it?
  13. Sweet guitar! Looks like a pretty standard 335 to me. Hope you are enjoying it.
  14. I bought a 2015 ES-335 about a month ago. I agree with other posters that the biggest decision you need to make is if you like the '57 Classics or the Burstbuckers better. It's a tough call to make unless you are able to sit down with both models and do a shoot out. I couldn't find a place to get both guitars in the same room though, but I did some comparisons on YouTube. I preferred the '57s over the BBs, but it's personal preference. Still, I decided to go with the 2015 in the end, mostly because of the other minor updates and cosmetic changes they did. I figure the BBs still sound really good and I could always swap them out if I really wanted to. I'm playing through an Ampeg GVT52-112 and it's hard to make a bad sound. OH, another thing to check is the body material. As I recall, there was a difference between 2014 and 2015, but I'd need to go look it up to remember. So check the facts for the guitars you're looking at. As an aside - I purchased through Sweetwater. The primary reason being that the only local brick-and-mortar store I could have ordered through was Guitar Center. There's plenty of Mom-and-Pops around where I live but they all said they don't qualify to be Gibson dealers. So I went Sweetwater because at least you can pick out the wood-grain you like in the Guitar Gallery. Attached photo of a nib! They do exist!
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