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  1. Blackhawk, I love the finish on that guitar! Here's my 40th anniversary
  2. Hi, I've been offered one and I'm just looking for some input on this guitar. The price is £1750 GBP, and the only thing non-original on it are the tuners, which have at some point been replaced by Schallers. Also, the pickguard is missing. The neck is straight and true and there are no major issues with the guitar, although to me the bridge looks a bit odd. I love the look of this thing, but have no idea if it's worth the money he's asking. Have a look at the pics, and any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  3. 'I did it my way' - Frank Sinatra
  4. I love my Lester, and doubt I will ever own a better guitar. However, I would move the PU switch down by the volume/ tone controlls. +1, I keep hitting that switch when I'm strumming too hard. And I would also like to have a contoured body and a Strat like jack input, to stop that lead digging into my leg/sofa when I'm sitting. But then, it wouldn't be a Les Paul would it? It would look odd...
  5. Thanks, some interesting replies here. I now understand the appeal, (or in some cases, the neccessity) in upgrading/modding stock guitars. Kinda makes me want to have a go myself, just for the fun of it!
  6. Why change P/up? I may be stating the obvious here, but try playing (with your picking hand) a little nearer the neck p/up, (with neck p/up selected) It may just give you the sound you're looking for? Just a thought...
  7. I think you advert for very good gilson in a very good offer, i willnot be dissapiont with you humbling my custom
  8. mmm.. I have that problem also. I've flipped the saddle on my lower 'E' but it ain't going any further.
  9. Right, here's my point.... Gibson and Fender are considered by the majority of guitarists to be king, and the benchmark to which all other manufaturers follow. Whichever your preferences are, both of these giants offer the cream of the crop. Hence you pays for the quality.... So why are some folk paying good money for these axes, and then replacing pickups, pickguards, tuners, pots, (****, I even heard of someone paying 5K on a Rory Strat and spending another 2K on refretting!). If these two major manufacturers are producing the best guitars money can buy, then why mess with what comes as stoc
  10. ...my wife just caught me reading this thread and now she's just a giggling mess on the carpet...
  11. stratele


    Grabbed your attention though, eh? And it answered my question.
  12. stratele


    What's a 'Lester?'
  13. Look at this post, on to five pages already about the age old subject...i can't be arsed to read through the opinions posted here, but just to put my two penneth in, (or 2CW)... Did Van Gogh or any other artist you'd care to throw into this debate paint with one brush or colour? I think not! *ducks*
  14. OK Thanks Super, if it's normal then I'm happy!. Just seems odd to me though...
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