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  1. They saw that almost all the saddles were wrong and they decided to put a new bridge and do it all over again. The important thing is the guitar has perfect intonation now.
  2. Well took the guitar to the store and they completely replaced the bridge with a new one..
  3. I already flip the saddle and it takes the A string closer to the E string. Looks weird. Im gonna take the guitar today to a luthier and he can look at it
  4. Yesss... that's why I prefer to fix any small detail instead of taking it back to the store and get another one.. this was the nicest one in the store when I went to buy a les paul
  5. Im using this tuner because its very accurate. But I’ll check with other tuners. Any recommendation on real tuners?
  6. Here is a photo of this beauty.. 😍
  7. Like I said... I might be a little perfectionist. Since it's not right on the middle I might think it's a bit off. Here is a screenshot of my tuner when I press on the A string at the 12th fret.
  8. Well the guitar did came with a little relief in the neck and I've been adjusting it to make it straight. The guitar came with 10's and the store tech put new 10's before a took it home. Im' gonna give the strings a bit of a stretch and see. Another thing is that sometimes you can get a bad string from a fresh pack. You'll never know. Anyway... like I said. It's not like is way off... it's just not exactly at the middle of the note in the tuner. It's a few millimeters to the left but the tuner says.. InTune. Hahaha.. That's why I said I might be to much of a perfectionist. Im including a photo so you can see that the A saddle is not channeled in the middle..
  9. Yes they are new strings. Its not that if extremely off.. its a bit off only. Im gonna record a video of it. Maybe Im been to perfectionist
  10. Hello, I recently bought a new 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's and it seems the A string is not perfectly intonated. The saddle is already all the way to one of the sides. I can't reverse the saddle because the string will be misaligned. Is not super bad or anything.. it's just that it's not intonated perfectly. I know that tele's with the 3 saddle bridle also have intonation problems and you never get it perfect so Im guessing that maybe Les Pauls are the same?... Thanks!!!
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