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  2. I think the person who buffed the guitar went too far, removed all the soul of the original laquer finish. m
  3. Has a belly down bridge, and should'nt it say J-50 adj on the insde center seam cover. Gibson used a belly down bridge on '69 & '70 J-50, but they are square shouldered. m
  4. Wow!,,,,,That's a gorgeous top on that thang!
  5. Hey Jesse, Why not try a unwound g, I know the arrows will fly on this suggestion. But try it anyway. And tell me what you think is missing in your sound. Put a .020 - .024 plain string and play for a while. Now it is no longer the thinnest string. m
  6. It's a 1969. Suare shoulder j-45 j-50 were made in this configuration, (Gibson pearloid?? headstock inlay, teardrop tortise pg, j-45 or j-50 on trc, belly down adjustable bridge, 25.50" scale, 1.72" nut, no inside sound hole sticker, no inside back seam cover strip.) The serial numbers of the period overlap with the 1968 numbers and were probably constucted or partially built in 1968 and earlier. They were sold in 1969 and 1970 as Diamond Jubilee Models for Gibson's 75th anniversary. The 1970 model has the "Made in USA" stamp below the serial number. 1970 was the first year that Gibson put the stamp on all their guitars. m
  7. The 1968-1970 Heritage was the same design as the j50/45, but with rosewood back and sides, and a fancy inlay on headstock with the same pearl-like? Gibson logo. These also have no inside backseam strip, but I believe the back and sides are solid, not laminated. Same belly-down rosewood adjustable bridge with rosewood saddle. These were the last Dreads of the pre Norlin era. They should not be confused with the 1971-1975 Norlin Gibson J-50's. The 1968-1970 Gibson dreads have a single x top brace and a smaller bridgeplate than the Norlin era heavy double x top braces and plywood bridgeplates. More later, Mike
  8. Here's a couple pics of what that J-45 that I didn't buy probably looks like now. Not bright red and yellow anymore. Looks better faded and darkened. Mike
  9. Hey all, I bought this 1970 J-50 new in 1973. They also had a new 1970 J-45. They were Diamond Jubilee Models for Gibson's 75th anniversary. I liked the J-50 more than the J-45. The J-45 was very red sunburst, I liked the plain top better. That J-45 probably faded and darkened over the years, maybe not so red now. Thanks, Mike
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