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  1. Correction: the LP is a traditional pro II, not just a traditional pro.
  2. Someone has offered me a trade for my 2012 Gibson Custom ES-335 Dot reissue with long neck tenon and PAF 1 & 2 in excellent condition, for their 2014 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Traditional Pro G.C. Limited Edition...does this mean Guitar Center limited edition? I don't know. Here are pictures of the guitars. If you click on the pictures you can see the full size images
  3. So I just took the pickups out to take a pic...why does the bridge have Gibson USA engraved in it, but the Neck pickup just has a patent number? this worries me.
  4. what pickups are in my 1988 Gibson Les Paul Custom? The guitarist all stock
  5. Cool thanks for the input guys, the 9's feel good on it so i'm going to play these for a while and then try 10's for the hell of it, i just hope 10's dont buzz a lot because the action is pretty much as low as possible with these 9's
  6. thanks guys, she is definitely sexy, and wow these pickups...
  7. Hey Rob Welcome to the Forum & Enjoy that 88 Custom

  8. Wow never knew about the Studio Lite MIII, looks crazy to see a Gibson with that middle single coil

  9. oh wow that's a really cool fact, I saw a video with the guitarist from ZZ Top saying he plays either 6's or 7's because it's so effortless to play, that sounds pretty insane though
  10. Thanks for the input guys, and thanks headknocker I think she's pretty too
  11. I'm a Fender guy that's crossing over to the dark side here...Just got an 88 LP Custom, and was surprised to find out that it was set up with 9's. I don't know a lot about Gibson's and LP's at this point but for some reason I thought that LP's were always a guitar to come from the factory with 10's? Or are there a lot that are set up with 9's? I've always gone by the Rule of Thumb that whatever a guitar comes from the factory with is what it's designed to have, string gauge
  12. Sorry for the suspense...This guy and I are working opposite schedules this week so it took a couple days to meet up, so it happened today right before i had to go into work...I had 3 choices, a Black 85 that had very bad neck ware on the back, chipped paint mainly, and a cherry burst 87 with no pickguard...and a drill hole from some idiot who tried to put the wrong one on...and the one i got! which is in my opinion the prettiest, and luckily it played the best; which is the 1988 Tobacco Burst Custom, I just changed the strings and cleaned the fret board and i've sat here for about an hour playing it...man, feels great and the pickups are awesome. The only things I'm having questions about ***Here's where you Gibson pro's can answer some questions*** I'm a fender guy that's converting to the dark side...anyway I've seen pictures online of an 88 Custom tobacco bursts that do not have the dark knobs...wonder if these are not original?? I'm going to email Gibson and see what they say about it too...also it wasn't the original case that came with it, but still a Gibson case which is good...but it's a chainsaw case...i don't know i just don't like those cases. AND LASTLY one thing I've liked about some nice big heavy Les Pauls is that I THOUGHT they usually had 10's on them...well this one was set up with 9's, not complaining because action is amazing it is effortless to play, but I may put 10's on it to see how it feels. But yeah i'll add some pics in here Also if anyone's wondering what I Traded...A PRS McCarty (1998) which I absolutely loved...that really will be missed. Also a 2013 American Strat with all paperwork that came from the factory with Fat 50's...and an Alvarez Jumbo with nice electronics and a guild case
  13. They're 2200, and the 88 is 2250. I don't have that cash, so i'm trading a Fender and PRS for one to a local guy that deals in vintage guitars, i've worked with him on a ton of my guitars. As far as feel...Haven't played any yet, i'm going over there tomorrow to see what feels best.
  14. I have an opportunity to get a LP Custom...and I have 3 different choices, a 1985, 1987 and 1988. I was curious if there are any years to stay away from with the LP Customs. Also the 85 doesn't have a pickguard on it, is that abnormal?
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