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  1. According to Gruhn the engraving didn't appear until 75, this is a 74 355. It is a pristine instrument for being 40+ years old. I have no reason to believe they aren't the original pickups. That's all I've been able to put together so far. The guitar belonged to my late father in law and saw very little use. My mother in law is looking to sell it and I'm trying to gather all of the information I can about it to accurately list it for sale. Thanks for your help.
  2. they make it next to impossible don't they?
  3. If you're still interested I have a very nice CS356, with ebony fretboard for sale. Check out my profile pic and let me know.
  4. Hey Guys, Anyone here that can tell me what these are? Thanks in advance
  5. Is this normal? Poor craftsmanship? Fixable?
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