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  1. For what it's worth...my 2010 J-45 TV says "J-45 TV" on the label. Great guitar, lovely tone that's gotten even better with Colosi bone brige pins :)
  2. PasstheJ45...I'm a recent owner of a 2010 J-45 TV VOS so here's some info for you. I stressed on the VOS finish because I'm not a fan of the artifical "make it look old" movement. Matter of fact, I didn't even know the TV was VOS pre-purchase as the Gibson website fails to mention this little detail (at least, I couldn't find it). So I take posession of the J-45 and honestly, I couldn't be happier with its appearance and sound. The binding looks tastefully aged...not bright white. The top has a thinnner gloss...it's still glossy, but not in a thick-gloss kinda way. I can see and barely feel the grain in the wood. It's that thin. It still looks like a new top, but not as in your face. The burst is a "little" darker, but still beautiful and even. I didn't have the finish scuffs or swirls I've heard from others (and seen on-line)....my VOS appears to have been lightly done. The one question I do have (nothing to do with a visual)...did GIbson use hide glue??? Hope this helps! Mike
  3. Ok folks...took possession of a 2010 J-45 TV today. Some thoughts: The VOS finish is either extremely light on this J-45, or just not there! Seriously, no buffing required...and I'm a bit relieved. The fit, finish and quality is as good as it gets. Not one flaw that I can see, and I looked hard. The brown/pink case is a beast, 6 latches and smells like the guitar, not noxious fumes. The orange label says J-45 TV. While I haven't really put it through it's paces, I already love the thing. It's exactly what I was hoping for, but rarely get to experience sight unseen. I'm thrilled to own a quality Gibson acoustic again and thank you all for your replies the last few days. Mike
  4. Agreed...LOVE the firestripe pickguard!
  5. Thanks folks...really apprecite the replies! As of this writing (and if I find I don't like the VOS finish...really didn't know it was even going to be on there to begin with), my plan is to go with Virtuoso Premium Polish and Cleaner, then the Gibson Pump Spray for regular maintenance. Pics soon (before and possibly after). Have a great day! Mike
  6. Folks...thanks for the replies, much appreciated! 62burst, you raise an interesting and valid question. Truth be told, the J-45 TV will be delivered this Thursday so I haven't seen the finish in person yet. I'd prefer to not have to touch the finish, I was just curious about the process "if" I decided to go throught with it. It seems like a project, and my heart's not really into the potential of screwing it up. I wasn't even aware the VOS treatment was standard on the TV...it's my understand this is fairly new (it's not even mentioned on the Gibson website). It's really tough to get your arms around all the variants of the J-45 TV out there. Gibson's doesn't make it easy Mike
  7. Folks...Ideas and suggestions from those of you that buffed out your J-45 VOS finish would be appreciated. Thank you in advance! Mike
  8. Sorry folks...didn't know "new" was a need I've seen used Larrivee 03's for as low as $600-650. Fantastic guitar for the money and well worth the extra $100 you're looking to spend. Mike
  9. Larrivee 03 series...solid wood and a quality build.
  10. Thanks Geoff...I have no doubts, just looking for others that have experienced this model. Mike
  11. Thanks for the responses and the welcome, appreciated! The moment I receive it, pics will be posted. I'm no stranger to Gibson (LP Standard and '61 SG Reissue with Lyre) but this is my first Gibson acoustic. Anxious to get this one in my hands! Mike
  12. Hi folks...just pulled the trigger on this one without playing it. It looks very clean and since I've been GAS'in for an AJ bigtime, I rolled the dice. Anyone out there familiar with the model? From what I understand...it's EIR back and sides, Madagascar fretboard and Braz bridge. Any/all comments appreciated...thanks in advance! Mike
  13. Glad to see these '61's are getting the attention again! Also glad I kept mine...I have grown to love this SG more than my beloved LP Standard! Hope everyone's well! Mike
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