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  1. The studio is the closest one you can get.If you like a plain Jane Hummingbird, there's a Sheryl Crow one but with neck binding.
  2. This one in mint/like new condition goes for $1,500 with best offer plus $50 shipping.I am pretty sure seller will take $1,400 for it. https://reverb.com/item/10688459-gibson-j-100-xtra-2005-aged-natural-gloss
  3. Wait a minute.The honky Tonk Deuce was base on AJ??? http://www.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/Round-Shoulder/Gibson-Acoustic/Dwight-Yoakam-Honky-Tonk-Deuce/Features.aspx From my understanding.SJ is the fancy version of J-45. According to info from Gibson website. The honky tonk using J45 1940' style then it must be the SJ.
  4. Mine is Rosewood. But the original SJ should be Mahogany.
  5. AJ PRO is a very nice guitar at a very good price.You will get a custom J45 Rosewood with the look of SJ plus regular scale like AJ.If you expect low bass like AJ you will be disappointed. But if you want more focus on the mid and high like D28 but still get good amount of bass volume,put Martin lifespan or D'addario EXP16 strings on and you will love it. Sometime GC exclusive guitars ain't that bad. Look at Martin MMV for example.
  6. I am not sure why you guys think an AJ​​ PRO is a short scale.It has 25.5" scale length according to Gibson website. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/Round-Shoulder/Gibson-Acoustic/Advanced-Jumbo-Pro/Specs.aspx I own one.Got mine for $1,250 off reverb.I have compared my AJ PRO and a standard AJ from my friend.it's like comparing standard bracing D28 VS. scalloped/forward shifted bracing HD-28V.They both sound good on their own way. But when I compared an AJ PRO to my SJ which has everything almost the same.Round shoulder,Sitka over Rosewood,X-Bracing except SJ has short scale length.I like the SJ better.It's like J-45 on steroids.It's Rosewood guitar that sounds like Mahogany and I don't know why. **Edit** Another thing that AJ PRO different than the rest Gibson round shoulder Dreadnaught is that it has belly down bridge like D28.
  7. Last time I checked. They're still here.
  8. Yup...I am one of those. I like it how they made with less plastic. Got Maple wood (I believe) as binding all around,not the white plastic.Real MOP on Fingerboard inlay.Say goodbye to mustache bridge.Adirondack spruce as bracing while the top still using Sitka spruce.This model is probably one that has compound radius fretboard just like Gibson Les paul.
  9. Someone offer a Gibson SJ-200 elite custom plus $650 cash on his side... Trading for 2 of my guitars. 1.Gibson Songwriter Orpheum mystic rosewood. ] 2.Martin OMC Aura Is this a fair trade on both sides ? I am not a J-200 fan and not sure about the value of this particular SJ-200 model.
  10. If it's mint condition then it's a good deal. Here in Los Angeles I found WM-45 ,a J-45 with natural top in excellent condition with hardcase for less than $900.This list has been up for 3-4 months now and nobody even want it. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/msg/6140921212.html
  11. Are they all solid or just solid top?Thank you.
  12. I wonder how they look like and what's the difference?
  13. I'm pretty sure that many luthiers can find a better way to scare up a poly-finished guitar with a crack to repair.But this is the cheapest way for a regular Joe like me or the other can do it yourself at home for $20-$30.Especially for a cheap under $500 guitar that you just need to get the job done,don't have to be perfect or making money out of it.
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