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  1. Tweed - I think we can see a pattern here? Awsome collection of guitars !
  2. I have a red telecaster, a white strat and a black Es-335 so .... Sunburst, cherry or natural is all ok as long as they want to play:) depends on what color is imported to Norway. And the price. Looks like the natural is less expensive. And pretty:)
  3. Because iof GAS I have been looking at pictures of old and new casinos. And I can't decide if I like natural, cherry or sunburst most. They all look good. What's the color of your casino? Or what do you like most? If I should pick one today I probably would have gone with a natural. Very cool vintage look.
  4. Thanks for the info and the video. What a great sound!
  5. Matt Heafy (trivium) seems to be using his 6 and 7-string signature models
  6. Thanks! Didn't know these Epiphones existed until now. A new guitar world for me. Would love one of these in addition to my es 335. I have heard this guitar played clean, but a hollowbody with p-90 might be able to produce some raw tones as well as the clean tones?
  7. I heard James Bay the other day and while I couldn't stand his voice I loved the sound of his guitar. Found out that he plays a 60ies Epiphone with p-90 (and though I know now that tone has all to do with guitar straps and knobs, or even more thought provoking - the fingers of the guitarist), I would love to try out a hollowbody with p90. I spotted these two on a web shop: "Epiphone Elitist 1965 Casino" and the "Epiphone Gary Clark Jr". Both seems like very good guitars and the Gary Clark Blak and Blue have a price I like. Anyone with experiences with these guitars? Other options on p-90 thinline hollowbodies?
  8. It has a H90 I think. Have to agree with you. A lot of punk has a big dose of pop, Even "old school punk"
  9. I love punk and i like pop punk. I like Green Day, Offspring, Bad Religion, Pennywise, NOFX!, Millencollin ...... Not Blink though. But I don't consider the signature model because of Green Day. I just wonder if that guitar is a good Junior. Or if it is wiser to wait for the 2016 junior and hope for a basic junior? It's a one piece, three in a row tuner with granadillo fretboard. Mr FZ Fan, I think I could have had a good time drinking and discussing music with you :)
  10. Thanks for the review! Well written! Love King Crimson.
  11. Yup I know but thought it better to build on a thread with some info in it than start a new one. And the guitar is 9 years old :)
  12. There is a 2006 billy joe signature for sale. 1100$. Is this the 2006 the earlier version "original" signature or is this the modified later version? Any reason at all to but this junior rather than a ordinary junior? It has "three in line tuners" if that narrows it down :)
  13. The Les Paul CM is in the traditional series but has G-force.....
  14. So there is no reason to be put off the 60ies tribute because of the baked maple. Looks like a good gutar at a low price, but prices in Norway will be way over the US prices.
  15. Thanks I'm lost in the jungle of all the different typen of material, and pickups and ... But it sure is fun to learn a little each day :)
  16. The 60ies tribute is the only one with baked maple as far as I can figure out. Is that the same as Richlite?
  17. Both the goldtop 50ies tribute and a pelham blue studio looks good and with good pricing. Wow. I can feel som GAS is comimg
  18. 4sound in Norway have had the same discount for some weeks now. I pity those who try and sell their 2hand guitars now. Between the 40% and the 2016 lineup.
  19. First things first: seen any Goldtops?:-)
  20. Absolutely. Remember waiting for EC -this years model to be imported in 78 (?). Not often I feel so strong about a new "record" now, but it happens. What has changed is my ability to play one record to death and remember all the lyrics to all the songs. :)
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