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  1. Brad Paisley - Cluster Pluck First time I have heard it, how is it possible to play like that? Wow! Double wow!
  2. You'll never walk alone - Gerry & The Pacemakers
  3. These boots were made for walkin - The Meteors I have a thing for psychobilly these days
  4. Elevator Operator - Courtney Operator . A new, fun acquaintance in 2015
  5. Listening to my 2015 playlist at work, and just now playing ..... Death Trip To Tulsa - Mark Lanegan
  6. I try to make room for at least an hour practice/playing every day. Sometimes its less, but nearly everyday a little strumming, singing, scale practicing and very often way more. I have problems with sleeping at playing is a great way of removing stress so its therapeutical as well as fun. I have my guitars on guitar stands in my living room (its the only art I have) so I can pick one when I fill like it. With to daughters, a jobb and training for an Ironman again my day is more or less packed. No time for TV :-)
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