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  1. There aren't that many UK dealers considering,which seem crazy to me, when you compare them to vox,orange and marshall etc. Very nice SG Sir. I would love to rock some classic Live at Leeds WHO songs with it.
  2. Thanks,nice to see some Hiwatt love
  3. Hey buddy, the combo's great, it's the David Gilmour Sig model. The amp sounds fantastic with truly stunning clean tones and frequency response.(classic British clean) It's completely clean and will not overdrive(as specified by Dave) but it takes pedals very well, so i run it with a Hiwatt tube distortion pedal,Univox superfuzz NOS parts clone and a Watkins Copicat Clone. The amp on its own is good for blues and jazz, featuring a normal,bright and linked input. Powered by 2x el34''s and 4x ecc 83s. I have played a very limited amount of amps but heard lots...and for me this is Epic.lol
  4. 2013 50's tribute SG My first post. Go easy on me people lol
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