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  1. My personal favorites are the two Les Paul models I own, a Slash "Rossa Corsa" I picked up new for 699 brand new plays EXACTLY like the $2900 Gibson. Also really digging the Tommy Thayer (KISS) white lightning (it has grovers and two Duncan JB's only one with metal cover which looks cool as heck. My only complaint is the screw in the side of the two since Gibson decided your getting a pick guard whether you like it or not.) Don't get me wrong I love the Burstbuckers in my Gibson Les Paul as well as the 497 $ 498t's in my Les Paul Studio as well but I am a Duncan guy at heart. The burst buckers
  2. Ok so I take a Fender I practically stole for $125 from the pawnshop trade it for it and my cheap Alverez (kept the bag) for $384.50 in credit now finally have what I've been after for a year. My first Taylor! :) :)
  3. My God I just did the math and I haven't been on a skateboard or better yet surfboard in 25 years. To think I never thought I'd see 25..... ;)
  4. This actually blew my mind my Mother (kindest woman on earth no lie) sent me to find a guitar for my stepdad for Christmas - he had indicated he wanted a 335 so I find a red Gibson "Lucille" so thinking the top of the line guitar would be best, I bought it for him, after receiving it I was SHOCKED to hear him complain of the lack of f-holes. I guess some people just can't be pleased....... :(
  5. It's a CJ290SCE NAT (yes I realize it's Chinese) but it rocks nevertheless - as to pictures being an apple guy I can't seem to figure out how the heck to get them into format for this site. :( :(
  6. Well I have to say I have a Special II and I really like it but I think its gonna sound even better!! A lot of people like to knock those but I recently had one & loved it..... But gifted it to my stepdad - brownie points pay off. :) Plus I love that finish on yours, mine was blue burst but hey anything that brings you good times is well worth spending time with!
  7. In all honesty is there such thing as a wrong answer to this question?
  8. Dang you guys talking about pawn shop finds went browsing today and found a full size Fender w/cutaway & Fishman electronics cheapest I found online was $379 - just over 500 - walked out of the pawnshop for $125 out the door w/hard case and this sucker is gorgeous and spankin new, Polish, strings - sweet sounds.... Happy blademan. :) :)
  9. Tommy Thayer Kiss newest member - either that or he's one hell of a liar but since I own one and it frickin rocks, why WOULDNT he play it????!
  10. Oh ya PS: am I the only one who thinks pick guards make Gibsons look - well ugly?
  11. I would have agreed with you until I bought my Slash Rossa Corsa played the Gibson & Epiphone NO difference whatsoever besides the price tag..... And the Thayer blows my mind, probably because I'm a Duncan guy and it has two JB's and grovers over Kluson. I'd say (just my opinion of course) whoever Gibson is putting in charge of QC now is doing the job....
  12. After playing both the Gibson USA & epiphone slash "Rossa Corsa" models I came to the realization that the electronics build quality and playability were almost identical. So when they dropped a sale on the Epi version I just couldn't pass up I picked one up - after thinking I'd never love other guitars as much as my 2005 Gibson USA in cherry burst and my 95 American strat modified to the hilt I was blown away by the performance of my Slash epi and my Tommy Thayer epi, I just plain LOVE these guitars..... I do have quite a rig but either guitar freaking rocks my shirt off every time I cran
  13. 40 year old player who played off & on since 14 years old. Mentally and physically disabled (my back is pretty much destroyed - thank the good lord for playing sitting down... :) just rockin out enjoying every moment I have an axe in my hand!

  14. Whatever product spray is closest & convenient
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