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  1. HI my 2 cents worth is that you get them set up by a pro if you cant do it yourself.. Really worth the money and time.

  2. Yeah, I think I prefer the studios because I like the no binding on the edge look of the guitar. Just my personal preference.
  3. What is the best way to keep a Les Paul? In the case except when playing it, or in the rack with all the other guitars ready to pick up at a moments notice. I find that I am more likely to play it if I can just reach and get it than if I have to pull it out of the case when I want to play. Is it good or bad to keep it out in the open air all the time?
  4. 2010 LP Standard Traditional. Push/Pull volume knobs (both) and normal tone knobs. Since this is the first guitar I have acquired with coil splitting wired like this,I have a question. In the middle position of the pickup selector, if both volume knobs are set to zero, I can not increase the volume of just one pickup. In other words, if I set either volume knobs to zero, both pickups are silenced. Is this normal for the way Gibson sets them up?
  5. OK, I just inherited a couple of guitars. A 2010 LP Traditional that has, apparently, never been "professionally" set up (as far as I know). Got them from my late cousin, who was not a proficient guitar player, he just had too much $$ to spend. He had these guitars for years, and they just sat in the cases. Same for the 2008 American Deluxe Strat. It still had the plastic cover on the pick guard. I find that when I play, and I have a tendency to fret hard, i.e. I bottom the strings out against the fret board, this results in notes being a bit sharp to my ears. I have owned many guitars, bu
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