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  2. Yes, JP Nickels are very good strings. I have used them on several mahogany and mahogany back&sides guitars. I only joined the Retro movement lately, and on my J-35 only. The Pearse strings remain some of my favorites.
  3. They sound great on my J-35, the only strings I use on it now.
  4. I was amazed by David's capo use; he capoed all over the fingerboard, placed and removed the capo midsong, and just generally used everythiing that Epiphone had to offer. His fluidity was outstanding. At times I thought that there were a couple of more players behind the curtain during the concert Wednesday. He has always been good, but I've been listening to a couple of old CD's over the past two days and he just seems to get better and better.
  5. My wife and I saw Gillian Welch and David Rawlings perform in an old converted cotton mill on the Haw River last night and we were blown away! The vocals were great, but the sound from the vintage Gibson and Epiphone guitars (miked, no pickups) was sublime. Their energy and musical abilities were on full display, with David using the full range of his prized archtop with great touch and finesse. Gillian's vocals were wonderful and she even buck danced with David playing banjo for a song or two. All in all, it was an energetic , if a bit nostalgic, event.
  6. Has anyone here seen or tried the 2019 L-00 Studio? I have only read the specs and they indicate a walnut build that sounds interesting. No mention of whether it is gloss or satin finished, though. I'm sure this one is a minimalist build but interesting nonetheless.
  7. NCtom

    Gibson LG-1

    I finally got to see and play the LG-1, but didn't buy it. It had been damaged by the cold, a particularly nasty open crack from the neck block to the soundhole partly covered by the pickguard. The crack was said to be brand new. The "good, original" finish was in fact a fairly heavy overspray, the plastic bridge needed immediate replacement, and it looked like the cool pickguard wouldn't survive the work needed to the top. Surprisingly, the little guitar played and sounded great. The neck was straight and in good condition. I just couldn't convince myself (and in particular my wife) that the large amounts of money required would be well spent. I do think I'll keep looking for another one, though.
  8. NCtom

    Gibson LG-1

    Thanks for the answers. I did some more research since posting and with that and your responses got a little better feel for it. Quiet I can handle, not so sure about the other things. I hope to see it this coming weekend, I will keep my fingers crossed.
  9. Hello and Happy New year. I haven't been around in a pretty good while but have a few questions for you learned folk. I have been looking for a small bodied Gibson and ran across a 1964 LG-1 that is supposably in good condition but I haven't been able to play it or get answers to several questions. The info about the LG-1 is all over the place so: What is the nut width? Is the bridge plastic or wood? Is the bracing ladder/X? Is the top spruce or mahogany? As you know and can see, the early '60s was a time of many changes for Gibson and I would like to know as much as I can before I go to look at it. Thanks a lot for your help.
  10. NCtom

    Uneven wings

    My J35 has/had the same problem, only worse. Because the guitar had been allowed to dry out there were cracks in the lacquer as well as differences in the thickness of the wings. There were also cracks in the top where the fingerboard joined. I was offered such a good deal on the guitar I decided to take it anyway. The cracked soundboard was no problem to reglue, but the headstock has proved more of a challenge. I am still in the process of filling with superglue and lacquer leveling, but it is coming along. I suspect that the lines will always be visible. It is such a good sounding and playing guitar, though, so I think that I can just live with it and let my wife and daughters deal with it after I'm gone.
  11. As noted by ponty, Larrivee makes several parlor, 0, and 00 guitars that are great and well priced. My 00-09 is a custom no longer in production, but Wildwood usually offers them. The others are available in most configurations.
  12. I've had my CEO-7 for a while now and it is sounding better and better. I'm not sure why it has to be a Gibson or a Martin ( or a Larrivee, for that matter). The CEO-7 sounds and feels better than any affordable L- I played so I bought it. Martin didn't offer a model that corresponded to my J-35 so I bought that one. Neither Gibson or Martin offer a guitar comparable to my 35 year old Larrivee L09, so guess what, I bought that one too.
  13. NCtom

    Like New '64

    Gibson being Gibson, I suppose it could be a '62, then. I was just relaying what was told to me. I'm not sure I care for all this talk about being old, though. I have looked at a lot of guitars and I was struck by this one. Sure, $1800 is no bargain, but feel like it was a reasonable place to start with a 9+ example of a rather rare bird. I've never been a particular fan of the B-series, but I can't say I care much for the LG's either. I guess I'll keep my opinions and finds to myself from now on.
  14. NCtom

    Like New '64

    Cameleye, what would be the year for wooden bridge/nonadjustable saddle? At 65 I'm not giving up, just willing to sit out this round with SWMBO. If I hadn't just bought a Republic resonator last week I might be willing to try it with her. Also, the shop was asking around $1800, but I didn't ask what would take it.
  15. I looked at and played a "new" '64 B-25 yesterday a shop in Virginia. Except for a few dings and some shopwear, the guitar positively glowed with the appearance of a brand new guitar. The story was that a woman's parents had bought it for her and she never learned to play, so it sat for the past 45 years unused in any way. At first I thought that it must be a refinish, but there were no signs of previous wear. Even the tuners wre still bright and white. It had all the desirable characteristics, the neck wasn't too slim, the bridge was rosewood with a nonadjustable saddle, and tone, while not yet broken in, that was relatively loud and full. Even the insides were bright and clean. I didn't see the case, but the shop owner said it was clean as the guitar. I left it reluctantly, since I just turned 65 myself and have more guitars than my wife knows what to do with. I sure would have loved to brought it home with me, though, and broken it in.
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