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  1. Also, what is a decent price for a 2013 Nashville custom shop historic 63 ES-335 (what the seller is saying it is), It does come with the cert and all case candy
  2. Thinking about buying this, but I have a few questions. Don't those parts look like chrome? And the finish is very shiny? Maybe I am just used to the Memphis VOS treatment (used to own one), but to me something looks a tiny bit off. Also does the finish on the back of the neck near the heel look odd?
  3. Sorry to have to do this. Idk what else to do nothing will upload. Heres a link where I posted it in another forum http://www.strat-talk.com/threads/dating-this-mid-60s-gibson-es-330-bigsby-original.461165/
  4. Again with the pictures being too large ? I don’t understand. They are regular iPhone pictures.
  5. Serial number dates to 67 or 65 according to the Guitar dater website. I think these are nickel parts though and the nut width is 1 and 11/16”. So I’m thinking it could be 65 or earlier? Also is this bigsby factory?
  6. Thanks a lot guys. Yeah I asked for more pictures and haven’t heard back from the guy. It wasn’t really listed as any specific model just Gibson 12 string.
  7. Thanks! How can you tell? I thought the pickguard looked a little off
  8. Having issues uploading pics says file is too large I posted this topic on the main forum I use "strat-talk". the pics are there heres the link http://www.strat-talk.com/threads/gibson-hummingbird-12-string-real-or-fake.460358/ Idk how Else to do it
  9. Ill post the pics I have Im waiting on more from the seller. The pick guard is throwing me off. It seems to have some Hummingbird appointments (pick guard) and songwriter (back of body, headstock veneer, finish). Im just not sure what model it is? and if it is even legit Gibson? Also, will a regular hummingbird case fit this? or is the headstock too long? Thanks in advance
  10. I didn't mean this guitar redone would be worth 2k at all. I just meant if I wanted to buy an original or mostly original one I'm out at least $2500. But yes I totally understand. I'm leaning towards passing. Thanks for the opinions.
  11. I didn't think about the routing for the new pickup. Actually yeah I think I will pass. Thanks for the replies
  12. I agree and I know the pics aren't good, he is sending me more tomorrow morning. And correct the wood and the original case. I would be trading him an american standard strat that I personally have $200 in (long story but got a great deal on a trade). And I respectfully disagree on the cost, original spec 62-64 sg jrs seem to fetch $2500-3500 and I believe it will cost me about $1000 to get it refinished, get an original p90, and have tuners/bridge be repros. What pictures if at all possible would be needed to tell if it is a 63?
  13. Maybe these links will work for the last two pics: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AGDLn%5FEW%5FZWgB8o&cid=41FFB1F377ED341A&id=41FFB1F377ED341A%21173&parId=41FFB1F377ED341A%21149&o=OneUp https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AHNY%5FjHK5RGd%2D%2DI&cid=41FFB1F377ED341A&id=41FFB1F377ED341A%21172&parId=41FFB1F377ED341A%21149&o=OneUp
  14. Im trying to attach two more pics, the files are too large. The nut width is 1 and 11/16
  15. Hey guys, I have a chance to get into a highly modified supposedly 63 SG JR for relatively cheap. The seller says the serial dates to 63. All electronics gone, refinished, tuners gone, bridge gone, but has the original case (original case is not the one pictured). Ill attach the pics I have, i'm trying to get him to send me more pics Ill add them when they come. Just need to know if you guys think its legit. To me the headstock looks correct (obviously no expert), he says it has a 59 shaped neck. I would want to do full restoration/refinish, sell all the parts that are on the guitar that aren't original. Try to find an original pickup, repro tuners and bridge. I have an idea of what the parts would cost, but how much for a refinish to cherry red (done professionaly)? Thanks in advance
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