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  1. Bought it as an "used" instrument but in never played new condition, she has zero scratches or marks, came with all the paper work and in the original Gibson box! What first attracted me was the incredible top, it has a little of everything, is off set as this series is intender to represent a time where Goldtops where being modified to look like burst's and one was to find beautiful mismatched flame tops under the gold coat. Second thing i was curious about was the neck profile offered only on this limited series copied from an original 1955 neck, it has a soft V profile with very soft shoulders and fat. I think is a very comfortable neck that allows a great grip and makes it easy to play fast runs. The color is Brockburst/Bourbon and its incredible, really digging this color a lot, the back and sides are deep bourbon too which is limited to just a few. Comes with a nylon nut and all the recent tweaks for recent Historics. The fretboard is beautiful, deep color and beautiful grain, very different from my other Les Pauls. Frets are great, not thin or too wide or too tall, action can be as low as you want it and this one came with 9's so it feels fast, but will change it to 10´s because they are just better sounding for a Les Paul. Neck Dimensions: .916 at 1st fret - .989 at 12th fret Weight: 8.77 lbs and feels just right. Sound wise i was very very surprised about the burstbuckers that came with it, far from my not so pleasant experience with previous ones this sound very nice, have a great range and harmonic content, not harsh. Acoustically it resonates great. In conclusion i feel this guitar will not see any kind of artificial aging on my part, it is just too beautiful and glossy, but i have already changed some things like the rings, the pickups, the bridge, the tail piece, the poker chip, the switch ring, the switch tip and the tuners. Inlay i think will be left alone, they don't look as bad as the ones my other Les Pauls had, but far from vintage looking. The overall quality from the Gibson custom shop on this guitar is flawless, i could not find any problems with the finish or set up what so ever. Here she is!
  2. Hope he is getting a soul transplant, i´ve always find his playing extraordinary but soulless.
  3. Ahhh i have always loved to buy old electronic scrap to find some lost treasures, this is one mans trash another ones treasure!!!!! Late 50´s electronic board. Heating up my iron gun right now, cant wait to test the sound of them all!!!!:laugh2::laugh2: Now i have made a tone test shootout of some of the bees and the Black Beauties, hope you enjoy. Recorded here: Test template: How the subjects where connected: The Tone chart!!!: The sound test: SoundClick artist: Nicolas Rivera - page with MP3 music downloads And if you want to skip the whole test and just hear the tone knob all the way down on each of the capacitors, go here: NICO. ----------------------------------------------oooooooooooooooooooo---------------------------
  4. No way my friend, this one is too beautiful to ever touch her in that way. I will change the plastics for sure, they just don cut it for me stock. Man the waiting is going to kill me, just don't have all the money together, but 4 payments come easier for my wallet at this time.
  5. Well i thought i will never buy a Historic Les Paul for how expensive they are, but my waiting has paid with this beauty. I goy it dirt cheap and in 4 payments. :thumb: This has always been my dream color, the flames are so beautiful i just could not say no to this baby. I will have to wait 4 months until i finish paying for her. So i´m finally joining the famous Gibson Historic club with this 2001 1958 reissue. Here are the images that won my heart!:laugh2: Nico.
  6. Yes, we all have pets and guitars and we love 'em so put them together and snap a picture! Here is Fester, my dogs pet.
  7. Nice dude, yo got a great deal on it, i traded a tele for the same guitar but mine is an 87' God she is sexy as hell!!!!!
  8. I'm in the land where the best and original mahogany grows!!!!
  9. Thank you all for the great comments you are the best as always and makes me wanna do my best for the next job. Respect to you all. Nico.
  10. And here are the final finished shots before sending it to the customer. I most say that i love the way this came out, she feels so smooth and plays like top $$$ now, it even sounds better then before. Nico.
  11. Heres the top after the black color was sprayed and in the middle of sanding it to a smooth surface ready for the clear top coat. Here is the back with one hand stain: Unstained side:
  12. After i showed a friend the LP i refinished he was stunned and he had to confessed that when he saw that LP reliced he had to try the razor thing on his LP Studio, but he did a terrible job and now he gave it to me to do my thing. *( I'm always using protective gloves and glasses, if you see my hand unprotected its just to grab the camera to take the photos.) So here it is, meet the victim, a wine finished LP destroyed by the RAZOR!!!!: Now for the stripper, i use a brush for this: I like to use an old CD in half, its very practical and does not leave any scratches like use a metal one: Back with 2nd hand stripper: Some may find this disturbing: I have used a 180, 220 and 320 grit wood sand paper to get a perfect sanding before the staining stage come up: And a close up detail of the sanding, no marks!!! this is a good sanding.
  13. Its funny to see how neo is entitle to judge me or what i do with my stuff. Im not selling my guitars, been offered money but they are my love and canr sell them. Neo you will never get the aging trend, so please stop buging me. This tutorial is intended to share what i learned to do, you all could be inspired by this to try out, i know its not how a 50yo knob would look but its the way I like it and it looks just right on my guitars. Nico.
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