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  1. Thanks everyone for the insight. I think I will look at something else (ESP) or find a real Steinberger on Ebay (hopefully).
  2. Thanks for the info. That helps a lot!
  3. Okay another quick question.... Are the Steinbergers on his web site authentic and would you reccomend buying from him? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone! I new here and I'm really close to buying a new ZT3. However I'm real picking abount my action. Right now I play Ibanez RG550's, Jem's and 2 ESP's (M-II and George Lynch Snakes and Skulls). All of these guitars are setup to have the action from the top of 21st or 24th fret (depending on guitar) to the string to be 1/16" (1mm). There is very little buzz and no fret outs. So, can the ZT3 be setup to have the same action with massive buzz or fret outs? Any info would be gratefull!! Thanks
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